Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Last Email From Historic Kirland

September 2, 2014

Hello hello,

This was a long week!  I am almost done with teaching and preparing things.  Tonight I am seeing Maryanna and Susie :)  Then I just have a discussion to do tomorrow morning at District Meeting....  then I'll be on tour all day tomorrow and teaching people on the phone in New York and Arizona.  Then Wednesday is transfers and I will have dinner and go to the mission president's home, have an interview with President and then have a sleep over with Sister Clark and Sister Smith and then wake up at 4 to go to the airport on Thursday! 

This last week was kinda emotional.  It is slowly starting to hit me... I still don't think it has though.  Friday I had to bear my testimony in training meeting and we had transfer breakfast and all that.  Then they had me speak in church yesterday.  Then Elder Sorenson grabbed me and Sister Clark and said, "Since you two are going home, do you want a really great opportunity?"   I was scared because last time he said that it would be a great opportunity it was taking a tour with President Haymond.  Then before that was singing with Elder Holland!  haha.  So I said, "oh no, what is it?" then he said, "Gladys Knight's managers are here for the big event coming up with President and Sister Vellinga.  Have fun :)."  It turned out to be great :)  President Vellinga kept calling me "Marie Osmond."  Sister Vellinga was crying in the School of the Prophet's and she started talking about the opportunity we have as missionaries to start and end our missions in the School of the Prophets... then I started to tear up because she said that we were coming back this week to report back to our Heavenly Father on what we did as missionaries.  I don't want to report just yet, but I guess I have to.... (ps- they said the Gladys Knight event coming up is just as big as Parley Pratt teaching Sidney Rigdon's congregation.  This is HUGE!  I wish I could go)

We also took another really great tour yesterday.  There was a man who grew up here in Mentor/Kirtland.  He was not a member of the church and he went to Catholic School.  He ended up moving to Salt Lake for a job opportunity and joined the church out there.  He said his family was so against it and wouldn't speak to him.  Now he has a cute little family and when he came to Kirtland yesterday he said, "this is my first time back... I have never seen these sites before.  You have no idea how many emotions are going through me."   He said he is now in the high counsel and over the missionaries.  It was amazing to take him on tour.  You should have seen his face the whole time...  he kept choking up. 

I took another tour by myself... we took the CUTEST girl.  She was on our previous tour (she's 6) and she really listened.  Well, her dad took his other screaming child out so he came on the next tour so he could see it and he brought his 6 year old.  Well, I told her she could help me since she just had the tour and she really helped me.  It was the cutest thing I have ever seen.  She kept finishing my sentences and she would copy things I said in the previous tour. haha and I kept saying "my companion, Sister Isberger." Then when we went down to Emma's kitchen and I told her to tell everyone what it was... she said, "Well everyone this is Emma's kitchen.  Now, can you find the toaster?"  She was sassy about it then I said, tell them how many loaves of bread she would put in her oven and she said, "mmm, I would like them to guess.  Anyone?"  Everyone was laughing.  Her dad was embarrassed.  Then when we were leaving she says, "well everyone it was wonderful being your missionary.  Sister Isberger has to head back to the visitor center now.  Goodbye."   And then she left.  She was a cute companion!!  I loved it :)

We had some really great chats and new investigators.  There was one Jewish guy who came on to chat and was bashing a little bit, but we turned it around and now he wants us to call and teach him!  We called and he is so cool.  I wish I could be there to teach him... 

Guess who got baptized yesterday?  3 people I taught... Patar, Alexandria and Kayla.  All three!!!  I wish I could have been there. ... I was really close to going but the person we were going to take got sick :/ oh well, I am just so happy!  They said Patar is going to be a mission president or a General Authority one day because he is so awesome!  ahhh!  Way to end the mission :)

Susie is also sooooooo amazing.... we had such a great lesson with her this week.  She said she has always felt like an "island".  She said she has never wanted to sleep around, drink or do any of that and has been made fun of for not wanting to do it.   She thought she was the only one who had standards in the world.  She feels like she is at home... and she wore my clothes again to church.  It was so cute :)  I love her... she is such a good person and really wants this for her daughters.  We talked about the temple in our lesson and Kenzie layed on my lap and drew pictures of the temple and said, "I am going there!"  Then she fell asleep on me.  I can't wait to hold babies!  But anyways, best news.... I promised Susie I would come back when she went through the temple annnnddd They are SKYPING me into her baptism!  Because she is getting baptized in a couple weeks!!  YAY!  Brother Womack called and said, "Susie was telling me how much she loved you.  He said, "I feel like you two met in the pre-earth life and you told her that you would come and find her."  I love leaving on a note like this...

I also talked to Marsha... she is one of the sweetest people I have met on my mission.  She talks about my whole family.  She knows everything about my life because of you mom. haha.  We also saw some cool miracles when everything canceled this week and we found an old member standing outside who we have been looking for!  It was amazing...

I just love missions.  I love seeing miracles.  I love having so many experiences.  I am so blessed that I can have these wonderful experiences.  I want to remember them for the rest of my life.  I love my life!  I know the gospel is true.  I know the Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live.  They were here in Kirtland!  They really were.  So was Joseph Smith... I had the opportunity of teaching where he taught in the School of the Prophets... ahh I know he is a prophet.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true.  Orson Hyde had an experience with the Book of Mormon that I will never forget... His views changed on the church because of the Book of Mormon.  I know that Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet.  I am so grateful that conference is coming up so that we can learn more and more. 

Looking back on my mission, I could not have done it by myself.  The Lord really lifted me up.  I have never felt so low, I have never felt so high.  It was hard, but so worth it... it really has been such a blessing to serve, just like everyone said it would be.  Words cannot describe how I feel about the people, the experiences and Kirtland.

See you Thursday.  Love you.

Sister Johnson

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I Hope The Lord Was Pleased With Me As A Missionary

August 25, 2014

A ton happened this week.  They asked me to perform a musical number at Zone Conference and I grabbed my companion, Sister Pugh and Newren and we sang, "My Heavenly Father Loves me." We harmonized almost the whole song.  I have a recording of it I will have to have you listen to. 

Ok, What?  Brooke Larson is engaged!  Man, I feel like I'm so much older than her.  She is 12 isn't she? ha jk.  I just can't believe it.  Also, ps- every p-day this guy follows us... and he smelled Sister Heckert's wrist last time and said, "it's my birthday."  Then he was following us to our car.  He is right next to us this very moment.  And staring.  Creepy.

We had Zone conference this week.  I could talk about that for forever. I  have not felt the spirit that strong and that consistently for a very long time... I have been praying so much... hoping that the Lord was pleased with me as a missionary.  I feel like that was a confirmation at Zone Conference.  Then when President closed the meeting, he said, "I want to read you all a weekly email that I got this week."  Then he read my letter that I wrote him last week.   He talked about how lucky he is to read all of our inspiring emails.  He said "you all have our own beautiful stories and if only we could compile them all into a book.  You are changing the world."

Also at Zone Conference, I found out that the Hiram ward was in charge of our lunch, so I told someone to tell Sister Busath to make Cafe Rio.  So, they made if for our conference!  I got to say goodbye to some of the Hiram people.  I loved Hiram so much.  I also had to bear a goodbye testimony at Zone Conference AND I have to speak at training meeting on Friday because I am leaving and then I was just asked to give a talk in church on Sunday.  Lovely :) 

Yesterday, Susie came to church! (she wore one of my skirts I gave her.  Made me smile)  They were going to teach a lesson that she already heard in Sunday school... and we really did not feel good about it.  So right before the lesson we talked to the teacher and then he told us that he wasn't even prepared for the lesson.  Miracle!  So a topic came in my head (the holy Ghost), and we threw the lesson together. We have no idea what we said, but now we know it was the right topic for Susie because she rose her hand!  She said, "I usually don't speak up because I get nervous, but I just have to tell you all how good this feels."  She said that she thought it was the Holy Ghost that was guiding her.  She said, her mom is giving her a hard time.... and she said she has been on a spiritual journey for the last 2 years... and she thinks she found where she needs to be.  Oh it made me SO happy! Then one of her little girls said that she wanted to be baptized.  So they will definitely be getting baptized soon.  They are sooo cute.  Susie was a cheerleader for the Calves.  She is so beautiful.  She has such a soft heart.

We took the cutest tour this week.  There was a sister coming home from the Halifax mission.  She was with her parents and her mom was in a wheel chair.  Well, it seemed that the Mom's bottom half of her body was paralyzed.  When we got to the Newel K. Whitney store she told her husband that she really wanted to see the School of the Prophets.  She said it was her dream.  You could tell that he loved her so much.  He said, "we will make sure you see it."  Then he picked her up and carried her up the stairs...  they almost died and fell down the stairs, but he really wanted to help her and she just cried and cried.  It was really touching...

Well, it was an eventful week.  We went to the hospital, saw a boy walking his pet sheep, took tours, taught, served and taught.  I love the mission.  I also love my mission President.  I love my site director, Elder and Sister Sorenson.  Elder Sorenson gave me a blessing this week and he did so many other kind acts.  I love being surrounded by all these wonderful people who just build each other up.  I want to be as giving as some of these people I have been associating with.  I love this gospel.  It's the only way to true happiness.

Love you.

Sister Johnson

ps- I love my companion.  She has such a good heart.  Her parents wrote me this week and her brother that is engaged.  They are the sweetest family.  They have sent me things too!  Really good people.  Kory has permission to marry her ;)

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Spirit is Our Connection To Heaven


How's it going?   There have been so many things happening this week!  First of all, a ton of Aubrey's friends came from Roosevelt!  And this kid actually came to my apartment when I lived in Ventana.  He was friends with Jessica.  Anyways, it was ironic you sent me a picture.  They told me it was Jessica's homecoming and Aubrey looks so pretty!!  We also took soooo many wonderful tours.  We even took people from Samoa!

I sang in church on Sunday.  We had 7 investigators that were supposed to be there... none of them showed.  I almost cried :(  I am not sure what is up with Susie.  But one of our investigators that we didn't think would show came!  We hadn't met with him since Sister Tietjen, but he loved church.  He looks tough... he has earrings and tattoo's, but a really good heart.   My favorite.  After I sang, Dieter came up to me and said, "you sing good for an old lady." haha

One of our solid investigators name is Derek.  We found him after leaving a members home.  It was soooo funny!  Sister Heckert is learning how to contact and give cards to people.  It's one of my favorite things to do and she won't do it.   haha.  I told her it was her turn when 2 guys were walking down the street.  She turned around and jumped in the car and said , "no, you can't make me!" and so I started counting to three and telling her to get out of the car... just joking though. haha   So I ran over to them and that is how we got Derek!

We ran into a situation with him as well... he called us and said he wanted to meet us at his work and so we were like sure, that is fine.  Well, we got to his work and he said bye to his work friends and then opened the back door to our car and hopped in!!  I started to panic... #1- strict rule... never be alone with a boy. #2- We aren't allowed to drive people in the mission car and #3- It was soooooo weird.  We told him the rule and that he couldn't ride with us and he got so sad... because he had no ride home.  Then we felt terrible!  He said he understood, but he wouldn't get out of the car.  We thought that it would ruin things... I just wish I could put into words how awkward we were and that situation was.   He finally got out of the car 8 minutes later.  It was the worst! 

Then I found a frog this week.  So I caught it and I brought it inside the visitor center.  I walked up to Sister Walker and told her to hold out her hands.  I put the frog in her hands and she dropped him and screamed!  Oh man, it was so funny.  Her husband is a prankster, so she is used to it. S he jokingly says she is never going to trust me ever again.  I remember when I did that to grandma Johnson :)  Sister Heckert and I are alllwwwaaayyyss joking around and laughing.  It's really fun, but then we are serious when we need to be and have taken some really spiritual tours together, but she definitely brings out my joking side.  So, Sister Clark and I scared her one night while she was in the shower. :) 

We had some really neat experiences this week.  As a back up one night while it was pouring raining...we went tracting.  We had no umbrella, so we thought people might let us in because they felt bad for us.  We brought our hymn books and we asked if we could sing them a hymn... it was amazing how quick the spirit cam.  We want to do that again.  It was a really neat experience with people. 

We were also studying one day this week and someone knocked on our door....no one ever knocks on our door.  Except when the seniors are coming over to do cleaning inspections.  So, we go answer it and this lady is selling something.  Right when we opened the door, she said, "Your Mormons!"  She saw our name-tags... she said that she was a Mormon and that she was from Salt Lake!  She called us Elder's, so we figured she wasn't too familiar with the church, but we were able to hook her up with the missionaries and she said she was wanting to go back to church, but didn't know where to go and didn't think there were many Mormons in Ohio.  It was so meant to be!!!

Have you seen the new Mormon Message?  It is really good.  We watched it and it actually really helped this week.... Mike came to Sunday School and while we were sitting there, I felt impressed to share that story.  It was almost as if the spirit was screaming at me to share it.  Mike said before that he wanted to change his life, but he wasn't getting answered and he didn't feel like God was there or even cared if he was.  Well, I shared the story... (you will have to watch it- http://www.mormonchannel.org/video/mormon-messages?v=3701964025001) and right after that, he said he wanted to learn more, meet this week and become a Mormon. 

I really love the spirit.  The spirit is our connection to Heaven.  If we follow those promptings, miracles will happen.  I really really feel like this was one of the miracles. 

I love you!

Sister Johnson

Monday, August 11, 2014

I Was Called to This Mission For A Reason

Hi :)

How are you all doing? How is the weather in California?  We have taken a lot of people on tour this week from California... some have been from our area or have family in Aliso.  I didn't know any names though. 

To answer your question... We did help out with the Kirtland 5k.  It was super fun!   I just wanted to run it so badly!  We helped pass our water... there were some quick guys there.  They ran the 5k in the 16 minutes.  It was nuts!  There was also a ton of fun music... we were dancing and singing along... Elder and Sister Sorenson were dancing too, so all the Sisters took that as being okay :)  I also was able to see a ton of people from my previous areas.  It was so good to see them. 

I am singing 2 more times before I go home... I will be singing next week in church... and then Sister Heckert and I are doing a duet at Zone Conference.  We have no idea what we are going to do!  But hopefully we can figure that out soon!  President Vellinga just loves music, he always has us sing a ton. 

I really know that I was called to this mission for a reason.  I keep realizing it more and more.  Something I really wanted to learn before my mission was how to be a better teacher.  It turns out, my mission president is one of the BEST teachers in the world.   Everyone always knows who he is.   He teaches people how to teach for a living.  He specifically teaches people how to teach the Gospel.   I love my Mission President.   I want to be like him!

We took 5 tours on Saturday.  We kept coming back in from tour and they would ask us to go on tour immediately again.  Well, right when we came in from our second tour in a row, they came up to us and said they needed us again.  As I walked in the doors, I saw a familiar face and then I saw another familiar face... I wasn't sure if I was seeing things clearly.   It was Russ and Ann!!  They came to Kirtland!   It made me nervous at first and we had to take a really big group.  I hugged Ann and started to tear up.  Russ said that he couldn't hug me yet.  haha.  There was a family with 10 kids... I didn't feel like the best tour guide because I just wanted to talk to the Sewell's, but it was really fun to see them!  They are really so sweet.... I feel like since I have been a missionary, you can always tell who is really in tune and prepared to come to Kirtland.  The Sewell's were prepared.  They are wonderful people. 

Susie did not come to church. In fact, we have not heard from her since church.  Will keep you updated :(  I really don't like Satan, but on the bright side... Sister Clark and I were able to be companions again this week!  It was so fun :)  I love her... our day pretty much fell through but we were able to see a lot of miracles and even muck horse stalls again. 

I heard a quote this week that says, "Your personal knowledge of God is not only the greatest gift you will ever give, but it will bring you the greatest joy you will ever have." 

I know that God and Jesus Christ live.  A big part of how I know this is because of how I feel when I read or hear people who have seen Them and then testify that God and Jesus Christ live.  Do you remember the apostles this last conference?  Especially Elder Holland when he said, "I am more certain that those keys have been restored and that those ordinances are once again available through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints than I am certain I stand before you at this pulpit and you sit before me in this conference." 

or Elder Packer when He says, "I bear my witness that the Savior lives.  I know the Lord. I am His witness. I know of His great sacrifice and eternal love for all of Heavenly Father’s children. I bear my special witness in all humility but with absolute certainty"

Or even when Joseph and Hiram bear testimony of them right after the Father and the son showed unto them the plan of Salvation... “And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives!  “For we saw him” 

I feel it's true when I hear these testimonies... the world may try to prove it otherwise, but whenever you doubt, you can lean on these great testimonies. 

Go to heaven!

Love, Sister Kelsi Denae Johnson

Monday, August 4, 2014

He's Everyone's Personal Savior

Hello family! 

This was a great week... there were some sad things that happened too and also funny.  One of our investigators doesn't really understand our purpose.... we accidentally woke him up when we called trying to set up an appointment and I said, "oh I am so sorry that we woke you up, we can call you later!"  Then he said, "No. Don't worry about it Sister Johnson... I just love waking up to the sound of your voice..." Then I said "what?"  because I wasn't sure if I heard what I thought I heard... and he kept repeating it and was way flirty.  I just tried to talk over him and was awkward.  Hopefully he will understand our purpose more when he meets with us!

My companion is famous!  She is in a picture in the For Strength of Youth pamphlet (pg. 21) and she is in bible videos.  If you want to see her... watch the video "A house divided" at 1:50 and 4:45 I think... :)

Everyone keeps reminding me that I am so close to going home.  It's hard to avoid it, especially when I am on tours every day and the 2 questions they ask are.... "Where are you from and how long have you been on your mission?"  I'm so glad that I am training because it keeps me focused and on top of things.  I really want to do EVERYTHING before I leave and I just want to keep talking to everyone.  We are going to go tracting this week (we usually don't plan for that, but we want to sing at people's doors.  I am so excited :)

Our investigator, Susie, found out that I am pretty close to going home... she was not too happy.  We met with her this week and it was so wonderful.  We taught her and her kids about the Book of Mormon and they LOVED it.  They told us that we were going to church but then last minute we got a call from a member and he said that she didn't want to come to church because she didn't have clothes....soooo.... I grabbed almost my whole closet and put it in a bag and gave her my clothes.  I really love Susie, Kylie and Kenzie and didn't want clothes to be an issue not to come to church.  So they came and they loved it :)  I bore my testimony for the last time on my mission and I looked at Susie and she was crying.  Then in Relief Society, she started to cry too.  She really felt the spirit on Sunday.  She keeps saying, "I don't know what I am going to do without you.  You aren't allowed to leave me and the girls..."  She said I can live at her house.  She isn't joking when she says it. ha  It's kinda stressing me out... we just all connected really well.

On a sad note... Justine dropped us... she said not to go back to her house....bubuuuuutt we are missionaries.  So of course we aren't going to give up that easy!  We ignored her text and we are going to make her cookies and bring them to her today :)  Her heart will soften, I know it will.

Sites have been less and less busy.  We had thousands more come to Kirtland this summer compared to last summer (over 22,000).  Kirtland has such a special place in my heart.  Some of the tours were really spiritual this week..  I wish I had time to tell all of the experiences...

We went to a trainee meeting with President Vellinga this week.  I really learned so much.  I want to be like my mission presidnet one day.  He is such a great teacher and he really makes it so you do a lot of self-reflection.  He was talking about how there are missionaries who just went home and who are about to go home this next transfer.  He was talking to the new missionaries and telling them how he wanted them to feel when they ended their mission.  He said he usually asks the missionaries if they can list people that they have grown to love on their mission...  I started to think about all the people that I have grown to love and I could not stop crying.   As a missionary, you really do feel how much the Savior loves these people.  He loves every single one of us and He is everyone's personal Savior.  I have really come to understand that more and more....
President Vellinga also said, "No lazy people will go to heaven."  It's so true.  Our church is not a "once a week" kind of church.  We are constantly moving, serving, helping and trying to become more like our Savior and trying to become closer to the Lord. Work... is a big piece of how we are going to get to Heaven.

Go to Heaven!  Love you.

Sister Kelsi Denae Johnson

ps- I have a video... we sang to Bill from the Community of Christ because he is moving... it was so sweet.   I don't think it will fit on my email... so I might have to wait.

pss.... I've been at 2 meetings with Elder Hutzler because all the trainers and trainees have been together.  So I saw him the moment he met his companion and he was excited to see me!   I am shocked he remembers me.  He looks just like Jared.    I won't see him again.... we already said, "Bye"    Tell Dave Hutzler that his son is a power house. He kept raising his hand at the trainee meeting and I commented on what he said and I said, " I like what Elder Hutzler said."

oh I forgot to say... I mucked horse stalls this week!

Monday, July 28, 2014

John Bytheway and My Birthday!


Well, another week has flown by.  Actually this was a longer week. haha.  I have had 2 different companions this week. Sister Tietjen has now gone home.  So crazy.  I keep sending missionaries home.  My new companion is cute.  Her name is Sister Heckert and she is from Orem Utah.  She is Italian and loves to be healthy... soooooo hopefully we can be a little healthy together.  I still can't run :(  I ran today and my knee didn't like it too much.  There still inflammation, so I am still just taking a lot of medication. 

So much happened this week.  First off... whoa such a great birthday.  I got sung to 100 times.  Maryanna (from our branch) talked to Sister Wygant, who talked to Mom and when I got back from a tour in Kirtland yesterday... there was Happy birthday signs and balloons and presents, confetti cake (with trick candles) frozen yogurt (cake batter) and she even went to the Disney store and got be a stuff animal of Goofy because I guess Sister Tietjen told her that I draw Goofy all the time. haha.... there was even more.  Sister Sorenson and Sister Wygant sent a little baggy of my favorite Dark choc acai berries from Costco.  Then I got the cute necklace from Mom and oh I just felt so spoiled.  Too much fun.  Sister Germaine (a less-active from our branch) drove a half hour to come give me a hug and say Happy Birthday.  I just loved it.  And at the end of the day, we were stuck at the sites. Alarms were sounding and there were tornado warnings and a big storm, so we just hung out at the Visitor center.  I LOVE thunder storms.  It was really fun.  Thank you to every one who wrote me... made my day.

We had some neat experiences this week.  We have a solid new investigator.  She is a member referral with two little girls.  She is so beautiful and loves God.  She has family prayer every day with her girls.  She kept saying, "I have an open mind.  I am searching for something in my life.... I need it, especially for my girls."  She is such a great mom and she told her friend that she really connected with me... she almost wasn't in our area, but a miracle happened and she is!  So we are teaching her again tonight and she will be at church this next week. 

We went to a pizza place with someone the other day in Chardon and we were listening to these people talk.  They seemed really cool and the guy looked like a guy off a movie, so I took it as an opportunity to talk.  I told him he looked familiar... then he said, "hmmm do you go to the YMCA?  I said no... then he asked a ton of other places and then he said, "well what church do you go to?"  It was the perfect way to start talking about the church :)  Turns out he and his wife lived in Kirtland and never went to the sites before.  We invited them to go and then he said, "I will never be a Mormon.  So don't try to convert me."  I told him not to worry... then he told us he went to Salt Lake and they did family history... well, the conversation kinda stopped, but then he turned back around and said, "I have to tell you something.  One time, I felt prompted to go to the Chardon library.  Then I felt prompted to go to the basement and I never go to the basement.  I walked down and saw two girls.  They looked Mormon, so I asked if they were Mormon.  We got talking and they were very nice."  Then he turned back around....  It was so cool that he said that he had a "prompting".  As we were leaving, I reached for my wallet and accidentally pulled out afamilysearch.org card instead.  I was like... well that is a sign, so I went back and gave the card to them and told them how I got called to a place where my ancestors were.  It really just felt sooooo inspired.  They are going to join the church one day :)

There was another really neat story.  This lady joined the church a couple weeks ago and she came to one of the missionary training meetings.  She walked in with a giant suitcase... it was heavy full of books... she said, "I have a ton more of these books at home."  She told us that she had read every single one of those books (and there was a ton!) and she was searching for answers and found nothing.  Then.... she held up the Book Of Mormon and said, "I read this book and I found...everything."  It was so powerful.  Never underestimate the Book of Mormon.  It really does help us find peace in this life. 

One more quick funny story.  We were talking to John Bytheway this week.  He came on tour with his family.  He's awesome.  We shook his hand and said bye and we were called straight on another tour.. then I asked the next tour if they saw him.  I told the tour that we were just talking with him and Sister Tietjen looks at me with the most shocking look.  She says, "YOU MET JOHN BYTHEWAY?" I said, "You did too hunny.  You even shook his hand." haha  She was freaking out and said, "why didn't you tell me?!"  It was so funny. 

Oh, and I got to drive a tractor this week as we were pulling weeds and stuff.  It was so fun, I really love doing service.  I wish I can finish telling you all the miracles we saw this week.  I guess there was a lady who hasn't talked with anyone from the church in a long time and didn't want anything to do with it.  We stopped by this week and she stepped out on the porch... wasn't going to let us in, but then I really had to go to the bathroom.... so I asked if I come in. haha  Then she let us in and we were able to teach her.  The spirit was so strong and by the end, she said she would think about going to church in the future.  It was so powerful.

I love being a missionary.  I love talking to anyone and every one.  Probably one of my favorite parts about the mission!  I just love people.  I just love missionary work... too much.  It will never end.

Love you all!

Sister Kelsi Denae Johnson

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I'm Training for My Last 6 Weeks

Hi family,

Guess what?  I am training a new missionary!  It's crazy.  Last preparation day President called and I wasn't thinking anything of it, but he said, "can you train a new missionary for your last 6 weeks?"  When you train, you train for 12 weeks, so I didn't think that was a possibility, but I am excited.  It will really push me to work even harder for the last 6 weeks!  I can't believe I am sending another companion home.  I have had so many companions for only 6 weeks.  I had an interview with President Vellinga this week and we were talking about that and he said, "well at least you know you aren't a problem missionary, every one just needs a taste of ya."  He's just trying to make me feel better. ha 

We have been fed soo very much this last week.  2 dinners a night makes ya sick.  And I have made a promise to Elder Sorenson that I would not exercise in the mornings because I hurt my knees.  He has tons of experience in the health field, so I will comply. 

Did Aunt Laura get a message from her friends in Nashville?  They took a picture of me and they are friends with Jed and Alyson too.  Oh and someone else's family came a took a picture with me?   There was Elder Fogg, that served in our home ward, who sent his mom my weekly emails and she wanted to meet me.   I also met all the seminary and institute directors.  They all came to Kirtland.  So... I asked them all who they knew!  They all knew my mission president and they all knew Angela's dad.  Angela's dad was the boss for most of them and tons of them knew Russ Greiner.  I love making connections with people.  I have found a connection with every tour I took this week!  Oh and there was one set of sisters this week that took over 47 tours!  They were at the Johnson home though and that was a bit shorter, but that is pageant week!  The pageant in Palmyra is now over.

Justine LOVED church this week.  She really loved it and will probably get baptized in the next couple weeks.  She says it seems great for her boys and then SHE was the one who brought up baptism and was talking about how she wants to learn more because her boys want to get baptized when they are 8.  It is really wonderful.  It's so important to talk to every one... I just keep thinking..."what if we didn't talk to her?"

I have really learned more about being Christlike this last week at the training meeting with President Vellinga.  He brought up a really good scripture...it was in Proverbs.  I can't remember it at the moment, but it talks about how a fool uttereth his mind and the wise people know how to listen.   As a trainer, as a friend, as a sister and daughter... I can be so much better if I listen better.  He talked about how that is one of the hardest traits to accomplish.  To be more interested in other people than yourselves.  I am definitely going to be working on that even more!  I love learning... I feel like I have really started to see more of the eternal perspective of things.  I was asleep before my mission.  I didn't understand.  I still don't understand, but I have just a little bit more and I am eternally grateful for that!

I love you!!

Sister Johnson