Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Last Email From Historic Kirland

September 2, 2014

Hello hello,

This was a long week!  I am almost done with teaching and preparing things.  Tonight I am seeing Maryanna and Susie :)  Then I just have a discussion to do tomorrow morning at District Meeting....  then I'll be on tour all day tomorrow and teaching people on the phone in New York and Arizona.  Then Wednesday is transfers and I will have dinner and go to the mission president's home, have an interview with President and then have a sleep over with Sister Clark and Sister Smith and then wake up at 4 to go to the airport on Thursday! 

This last week was kinda emotional.  It is slowly starting to hit me... I still don't think it has though.  Friday I had to bear my testimony in training meeting and we had transfer breakfast and all that.  Then they had me speak in church yesterday.  Then Elder Sorenson grabbed me and Sister Clark and said, "Since you two are going home, do you want a really great opportunity?"   I was scared because last time he said that it would be a great opportunity it was taking a tour with President Haymond.  Then before that was singing with Elder Holland!  haha.  So I said, "oh no, what is it?" then he said, "Gladys Knight's managers are here for the big event coming up with President and Sister Vellinga.  Have fun :)."  It turned out to be great :)  President Vellinga kept calling me "Marie Osmond."  Sister Vellinga was crying in the School of the Prophet's and she started talking about the opportunity we have as missionaries to start and end our missions in the School of the Prophets... then I started to tear up because she said that we were coming back this week to report back to our Heavenly Father on what we did as missionaries.  I don't want to report just yet, but I guess I have to.... (ps- they said the Gladys Knight event coming up is just as big as Parley Pratt teaching Sidney Rigdon's congregation.  This is HUGE!  I wish I could go)

We also took another really great tour yesterday.  There was a man who grew up here in Mentor/Kirtland.  He was not a member of the church and he went to Catholic School.  He ended up moving to Salt Lake for a job opportunity and joined the church out there.  He said his family was so against it and wouldn't speak to him.  Now he has a cute little family and when he came to Kirtland yesterday he said, "this is my first time back... I have never seen these sites before.  You have no idea how many emotions are going through me."   He said he is now in the high counsel and over the missionaries.  It was amazing to take him on tour.  You should have seen his face the whole time...  he kept choking up. 

I took another tour by myself... we took the CUTEST girl.  She was on our previous tour (she's 6) and she really listened.  Well, her dad took his other screaming child out so he came on the next tour so he could see it and he brought his 6 year old.  Well, I told her she could help me since she just had the tour and she really helped me.  It was the cutest thing I have ever seen.  She kept finishing my sentences and she would copy things I said in the previous tour. haha and I kept saying "my companion, Sister Isberger." Then when we went down to Emma's kitchen and I told her to tell everyone what it was... she said, "Well everyone this is Emma's kitchen.  Now, can you find the toaster?"  She was sassy about it then I said, tell them how many loaves of bread she would put in her oven and she said, "mmm, I would like them to guess.  Anyone?"  Everyone was laughing.  Her dad was embarrassed.  Then when we were leaving she says, "well everyone it was wonderful being your missionary.  Sister Isberger has to head back to the visitor center now.  Goodbye."   And then she left.  She was a cute companion!!  I loved it :)

We had some really great chats and new investigators.  There was one Jewish guy who came on to chat and was bashing a little bit, but we turned it around and now he wants us to call and teach him!  We called and he is so cool.  I wish I could be there to teach him... 

Guess who got baptized yesterday?  3 people I taught... Patar, Alexandria and Kayla.  All three!!!  I wish I could have been there. ... I was really close to going but the person we were going to take got sick :/ oh well, I am just so happy!  They said Patar is going to be a mission president or a General Authority one day because he is so awesome!  ahhh!  Way to end the mission :)

Susie is also sooooooo amazing.... we had such a great lesson with her this week.  She said she has always felt like an "island".  She said she has never wanted to sleep around, drink or do any of that and has been made fun of for not wanting to do it.   She thought she was the only one who had standards in the world.  She feels like she is at home... and she wore my clothes again to church.  It was so cute :)  I love her... she is such a good person and really wants this for her daughters.  We talked about the temple in our lesson and Kenzie layed on my lap and drew pictures of the temple and said, "I am going there!"  Then she fell asleep on me.  I can't wait to hold babies!  But anyways, best news.... I promised Susie I would come back when she went through the temple annnnddd They are SKYPING me into her baptism!  Because she is getting baptized in a couple weeks!!  YAY!  Brother Womack called and said, "Susie was telling me how much she loved you.  He said, "I feel like you two met in the pre-earth life and you told her that you would come and find her."  I love leaving on a note like this...

I also talked to Marsha... she is one of the sweetest people I have met on my mission.  She talks about my whole family.  She knows everything about my life because of you mom. haha.  We also saw some cool miracles when everything canceled this week and we found an old member standing outside who we have been looking for!  It was amazing...

I just love missions.  I love seeing miracles.  I love having so many experiences.  I am so blessed that I can have these wonderful experiences.  I want to remember them for the rest of my life.  I love my life!  I know the gospel is true.  I know the Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live.  They were here in Kirtland!  They really were.  So was Joseph Smith... I had the opportunity of teaching where he taught in the School of the Prophets... ahh I know he is a prophet.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true.  Orson Hyde had an experience with the Book of Mormon that I will never forget... His views changed on the church because of the Book of Mormon.  I know that Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet.  I am so grateful that conference is coming up so that we can learn more and more. 

Looking back on my mission, I could not have done it by myself.  The Lord really lifted me up.  I have never felt so low, I have never felt so high.  It was hard, but so worth it... it really has been such a blessing to serve, just like everyone said it would be.  Words cannot describe how I feel about the people, the experiences and Kirtland.

See you Thursday.  Love you.

Sister Johnson

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