Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I Hope The Lord Was Pleased With Me As A Missionary

August 25, 2014

A ton happened this week.  They asked me to perform a musical number at Zone Conference and I grabbed my companion, Sister Pugh and Newren and we sang, "My Heavenly Father Loves me." We harmonized almost the whole song.  I have a recording of it I will have to have you listen to. 

Ok, What?  Brooke Larson is engaged!  Man, I feel like I'm so much older than her.  She is 12 isn't she? ha jk.  I just can't believe it.  Also, ps- every p-day this guy follows us... and he smelled Sister Heckert's wrist last time and said, "it's my birthday."  Then he was following us to our car.  He is right next to us this very moment.  And staring.  Creepy.

We had Zone conference this week.  I could talk about that for forever. I  have not felt the spirit that strong and that consistently for a very long time... I have been praying so much... hoping that the Lord was pleased with me as a missionary.  I feel like that was a confirmation at Zone Conference.  Then when President closed the meeting, he said, "I want to read you all a weekly email that I got this week."  Then he read my letter that I wrote him last week.   He talked about how lucky he is to read all of our inspiring emails.  He said "you all have our own beautiful stories and if only we could compile them all into a book.  You are changing the world."

Also at Zone Conference, I found out that the Hiram ward was in charge of our lunch, so I told someone to tell Sister Busath to make Cafe Rio.  So, they made if for our conference!  I got to say goodbye to some of the Hiram people.  I loved Hiram so much.  I also had to bear a goodbye testimony at Zone Conference AND I have to speak at training meeting on Friday because I am leaving and then I was just asked to give a talk in church on Sunday.  Lovely :) 

Yesterday, Susie came to church! (she wore one of my skirts I gave her.  Made me smile)  They were going to teach a lesson that she already heard in Sunday school... and we really did not feel good about it.  So right before the lesson we talked to the teacher and then he told us that he wasn't even prepared for the lesson.  Miracle!  So a topic came in my head (the holy Ghost), and we threw the lesson together. We have no idea what we said, but now we know it was the right topic for Susie because she rose her hand!  She said, "I usually don't speak up because I get nervous, but I just have to tell you all how good this feels."  She said that she thought it was the Holy Ghost that was guiding her.  She said, her mom is giving her a hard time.... and she said she has been on a spiritual journey for the last 2 years... and she thinks she found where she needs to be.  Oh it made me SO happy! Then one of her little girls said that she wanted to be baptized.  So they will definitely be getting baptized soon.  They are sooo cute.  Susie was a cheerleader for the Calves.  She is so beautiful.  She has such a soft heart.

We took the cutest tour this week.  There was a sister coming home from the Halifax mission.  She was with her parents and her mom was in a wheel chair.  Well, it seemed that the Mom's bottom half of her body was paralyzed.  When we got to the Newel K. Whitney store she told her husband that she really wanted to see the School of the Prophets.  She said it was her dream.  You could tell that he loved her so much.  He said, "we will make sure you see it."  Then he picked her up and carried her up the stairs...  they almost died and fell down the stairs, but he really wanted to help her and she just cried and cried.  It was really touching...

Well, it was an eventful week.  We went to the hospital, saw a boy walking his pet sheep, took tours, taught, served and taught.  I love the mission.  I also love my mission President.  I love my site director, Elder and Sister Sorenson.  Elder Sorenson gave me a blessing this week and he did so many other kind acts.  I love being surrounded by all these wonderful people who just build each other up.  I want to be as giving as some of these people I have been associating with.  I love this gospel.  It's the only way to true happiness.

Love you.

Sister Johnson

ps- I love my companion.  She has such a good heart.  Her parents wrote me this week and her brother that is engaged.  They are the sweetest family.  They have sent me things too!  Really good people.  Kory has permission to marry her ;)

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