Monday, August 18, 2014

The Spirit is Our Connection To Heaven


How's it going?   There have been so many things happening this week!  First of all, a ton of Aubrey's friends came from Roosevelt!  And this kid actually came to my apartment when I lived in Ventana.  He was friends with Jessica.  Anyways, it was ironic you sent me a picture.  They told me it was Jessica's homecoming and Aubrey looks so pretty!!  We also took soooo many wonderful tours.  We even took people from Samoa!

I sang in church on Sunday.  We had 7 investigators that were supposed to be there... none of them showed.  I almost cried :(  I am not sure what is up with Susie.  But one of our investigators that we didn't think would show came!  We hadn't met with him since Sister Tietjen, but he loved church.  He looks tough... he has earrings and tattoo's, but a really good heart.   My favorite.  After I sang, Dieter came up to me and said, "you sing good for an old lady." haha

One of our solid investigators name is Derek.  We found him after leaving a members home.  It was soooo funny!  Sister Heckert is learning how to contact and give cards to people.  It's one of my favorite things to do and she won't do it.   haha.  I told her it was her turn when 2 guys were walking down the street.  She turned around and jumped in the car and said , "no, you can't make me!" and so I started counting to three and telling her to get out of the car... just joking though. haha   So I ran over to them and that is how we got Derek!

We ran into a situation with him as well... he called us and said he wanted to meet us at his work and so we were like sure, that is fine.  Well, we got to his work and he said bye to his work friends and then opened the back door to our car and hopped in!!  I started to panic... #1- strict rule... never be alone with a boy. #2- We aren't allowed to drive people in the mission car and #3- It was soooooo weird.  We told him the rule and that he couldn't ride with us and he got so sad... because he had no ride home.  Then we felt terrible!  He said he understood, but he wouldn't get out of the car.  We thought that it would ruin things... I just wish I could put into words how awkward we were and that situation was.   He finally got out of the car 8 minutes later.  It was the worst! 

Then I found a frog this week.  So I caught it and I brought it inside the visitor center.  I walked up to Sister Walker and told her to hold out her hands.  I put the frog in her hands and she dropped him and screamed!  Oh man, it was so funny.  Her husband is a prankster, so she is used to it. S he jokingly says she is never going to trust me ever again.  I remember when I did that to grandma Johnson :)  Sister Heckert and I are alllwwwaaayyyss joking around and laughing.  It's really fun, but then we are serious when we need to be and have taken some really spiritual tours together, but she definitely brings out my joking side.  So, Sister Clark and I scared her one night while she was in the shower. :) 

We had some really neat experiences this week.  As a back up one night while it was pouring raining...we went tracting.  We had no umbrella, so we thought people might let us in because they felt bad for us.  We brought our hymn books and we asked if we could sing them a hymn... it was amazing how quick the spirit cam.  We want to do that again.  It was a really neat experience with people. 

We were also studying one day this week and someone knocked on our one ever knocks on our door.  Except when the seniors are coming over to do cleaning inspections.  So, we go answer it and this lady is selling something.  Right when we opened the door, she said, "Your Mormons!"  She saw our name-tags... she said that she was a Mormon and that she was from Salt Lake!  She called us Elder's, so we figured she wasn't too familiar with the church, but we were able to hook her up with the missionaries and she said she was wanting to go back to church, but didn't know where to go and didn't think there were many Mormons in Ohio.  It was so meant to be!!!

Have you seen the new Mormon Message?  It is really good.  We watched it and it actually really helped this week.... Mike came to Sunday School and while we were sitting there, I felt impressed to share that story.  It was almost as if the spirit was screaming at me to share it.  Mike said before that he wanted to change his life, but he wasn't getting answered and he didn't feel like God was there or even cared if he was.  Well, I shared the story... (you will have to watch it- and right after that, he said he wanted to learn more, meet this week and become a Mormon. 

I really love the spirit.  The spirit is our connection to Heaven.  If we follow those promptings, miracles will happen.  I really really feel like this was one of the miracles. 

I love you!

Sister Johnson

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