Monday, August 4, 2014

He's Everyone's Personal Savior

Hello family! 

This was a great week... there were some sad things that happened too and also funny.  One of our investigators doesn't really understand our purpose.... we accidentally woke him up when we called trying to set up an appointment and I said, "oh I am so sorry that we woke you up, we can call you later!"  Then he said, "No. Don't worry about it Sister Johnson... I just love waking up to the sound of your voice..." Then I said "what?"  because I wasn't sure if I heard what I thought I heard... and he kept repeating it and was way flirty.  I just tried to talk over him and was awkward.  Hopefully he will understand our purpose more when he meets with us!

My companion is famous!  She is in a picture in the For Strength of Youth pamphlet (pg. 21) and she is in bible videos.  If you want to see her... watch the video "A house divided" at 1:50 and 4:45 I think... :)

Everyone keeps reminding me that I am so close to going home.  It's hard to avoid it, especially when I am on tours every day and the 2 questions they ask are.... "Where are you from and how long have you been on your mission?"  I'm so glad that I am training because it keeps me focused and on top of things.  I really want to do EVERYTHING before I leave and I just want to keep talking to everyone.  We are going to go tracting this week (we usually don't plan for that, but we want to sing at people's doors.  I am so excited :)

Our investigator, Susie, found out that I am pretty close to going home... she was not too happy.  We met with her this week and it was so wonderful.  We taught her and her kids about the Book of Mormon and they LOVED it.  They told us that we were going to church but then last minute we got a call from a member and he said that she didn't want to come to church because she didn't have clothes....soooo.... I grabbed almost my whole closet and put it in a bag and gave her my clothes.  I really love Susie, Kylie and Kenzie and didn't want clothes to be an issue not to come to church.  So they came and they loved it :)  I bore my testimony for the last time on my mission and I looked at Susie and she was crying.  Then in Relief Society, she started to cry too.  She really felt the spirit on Sunday.  She keeps saying, "I don't know what I am going to do without you.  You aren't allowed to leave me and the girls..."  She said I can live at her house.  She isn't joking when she says it. ha  It's kinda stressing me out... we just all connected really well.

On a sad note... Justine dropped us... she said not to go back to her house....bubuuuuutt we are missionaries.  So of course we aren't going to give up that easy!  We ignored her text and we are going to make her cookies and bring them to her today :)  Her heart will soften, I know it will.

Sites have been less and less busy.  We had thousands more come to Kirtland this summer compared to last summer (over 22,000).  Kirtland has such a special place in my heart.  Some of the tours were really spiritual this week..  I wish I had time to tell all of the experiences...

We went to a trainee meeting with President Vellinga this week.  I really learned so much.  I want to be like my mission presidnet one day.  He is such a great teacher and he really makes it so you do a lot of self-reflection.  He was talking about how there are missionaries who just went home and who are about to go home this next transfer.  He was talking to the new missionaries and telling them how he wanted them to feel when they ended their mission.  He said he usually asks the missionaries if they can list people that they have grown to love on their mission...  I started to think about all the people that I have grown to love and I could not stop crying.   As a missionary, you really do feel how much the Savior loves these people.  He loves every single one of us and He is everyone's personal Savior.  I have really come to understand that more and more....
President Vellinga also said, "No lazy people will go to heaven."  It's so true.  Our church is not a "once a week" kind of church.  We are constantly moving, serving, helping and trying to become more like our Savior and trying to become closer to the Lord. Work... is a big piece of how we are going to get to Heaven.

Go to Heaven!  Love you.

Sister Kelsi Denae Johnson

ps- I have a video... we sang to Bill from the Community of Christ because he is moving... it was so sweet.   I don't think it will fit on my email... so I might have to wait.

pss.... I've been at 2 meetings with Elder Hutzler because all the trainers and trainees have been together.  So I saw him the moment he met his companion and he was excited to see me!   I am shocked he remembers me.  He looks just like Jared.    I won't see him again.... we already said, "Bye"    Tell Dave Hutzler that his son is a power house. He kept raising his hand at the trainee meeting and I commented on what he said and I said, " I like what Elder Hutzler said."

oh I forgot to say... I mucked horse stalls this week!

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