Thursday, July 24, 2014

I'm Training for My Last 6 Weeks

Hi family,

Guess what?  I am training a new missionary!  It's crazy.  Last preparation day President called and I wasn't thinking anything of it, but he said, "can you train a new missionary for your last 6 weeks?"  When you train, you train for 12 weeks, so I didn't think that was a possibility, but I am excited.  It will really push me to work even harder for the last 6 weeks!  I can't believe I am sending another companion home.  I have had so many companions for only 6 weeks.  I had an interview with President Vellinga this week and we were talking about that and he said, "well at least you know you aren't a problem missionary, every one just needs a taste of ya."  He's just trying to make me feel better. ha 

We have been fed soo very much this last week.  2 dinners a night makes ya sick.  And I have made a promise to Elder Sorenson that I would not exercise in the mornings because I hurt my knees.  He has tons of experience in the health field, so I will comply. 

Did Aunt Laura get a message from her friends in Nashville?  They took a picture of me and they are friends with Jed and Alyson too.  Oh and someone else's family came a took a picture with me?   There was Elder Fogg, that served in our home ward, who sent his mom my weekly emails and she wanted to meet me.   I also met all the seminary and institute directors.  They all came to Kirtland.  So... I asked them all who they knew!  They all knew my mission president and they all knew Angela's dad.  Angela's dad was the boss for most of them and tons of them knew Russ Greiner.  I love making connections with people.  I have found a connection with every tour I took this week!  Oh and there was one set of sisters this week that took over 47 tours!  They were at the Johnson home though and that was a bit shorter, but that is pageant week!  The pageant in Palmyra is now over.

Justine LOVED church this week.  She really loved it and will probably get baptized in the next couple weeks.  She says it seems great for her boys and then SHE was the one who brought up baptism and was talking about how she wants to learn more because her boys want to get baptized when they are 8.  It is really wonderful.  It's so important to talk to every one... I just keep thinking..."what if we didn't talk to her?"

I have really learned more about being Christlike this last week at the training meeting with President Vellinga.  He brought up a really good was in Proverbs.  I can't remember it at the moment, but it talks about how a fool uttereth his mind and the wise people know how to listen.   As a trainer, as a friend, as a sister and daughter... I can be so much better if I listen better.  He talked about how that is one of the hardest traits to accomplish.  To be more interested in other people than yourselves.  I am definitely going to be working on that even more!  I love learning... I feel like I have really started to see more of the eternal perspective of things.  I was asleep before my mission.  I didn't understand.  I still don't understand, but I have just a little bit more and I am eternally grateful for that!

I love you!!

Sister Johnson

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