Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Busy in Chardon

okay this week.... well, it was my first really, really great week in Chardon.  Except I have a knee brace on my knee... and I have to get another one for my right knee.  Looks like I am getting old.  Elder Sorenson has been chastising me a lot.  He says I am not allowed to work out :( (Sister Vellinga said that too)  I told him I'd be fine and could do a little :) and he gave me a scary look. haha. He said, "do you want Mr. Right to be pushing you around in a wheel chair at your wedding?"   He said, "you are done until you heal." 

So, we took some really great tours this week. We took 11 between Friday and Saturday.  There were people from Tahiti and Australia and literally just ALL over.  We took this tour with a cute Australian family and there was another couple that joined in as well.   Well, I didn't think anything of it, but the next day... I saw that couple again!  They ran up to me and said, "Sister Johnson, we need to talk to you."  I was thinking I did something wrong, but he said, "You probably don't ever get to hear feedback and we wanted to come and tell you that you did an amazing job on the tour yesterday."  He said that his testimony had been strengthen so much and he was very overwhelmed by the spirit that we brought.  It was so sweet.  His wife was standing there crying and said it was a wonderful experience for them, especially when we sang, A Child's Prayer in the Whitney home. Made me smile so much.

Sister Wygant is here... she came and worked out with us all this morning... since I can't do anything, I just bossed Sister Newren, Pugh, Tietjen and Wygant around.  We run together every morning.  Well, most mornings. 

I have to tell you some amazing miracles in the Chardon West area.  We had 2 days in our area this week.  Basically it was 2 half days and an evening and we worked as hard as we could.  The mission goal is to have 20 lessons a week and we got 20 lessons in our 2 days! It made us so happy. We only had a few more minutes left before we had to head home and so we prayed for where we needed to go and which door to knock on.  Well, we knocked on a door and asked if we could teach him and he said yes!  So he was our 20th lesson. 

We were also stopping by a less-active this week and he was not home.  We were walking by another home and I said, "hey I think we should knock on this door."  A man answered and we asked him if we could practice teaching him for 5 minutes.  He told us that we only had 5 minutes.  As we started to talk, we asked him a couple of questions to get to know him a little bit and turns out he knew a lot about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, so we taught him the Plan of Salvation.  During the lesson, he kept asking us so many questions and we went well over 5 minutes... it was over 20 minutes. Turns out, his TWIN brother served a mission and is Mormon and living in Salt Lake.  How neat is that!  He was having a hard time figuring out if there was a God. We testified and he loved it.  It was really a miracle... we were so happy that we were able to meet him.  That happened a couple more times this week as well. 

Chris, the recent convert in our area that has been coming teaching with us is not doing so well.  I can't disclose a lot of information, but it is really bad.  We got involved and his dad yelled at us and told us to get off his property.  Sister Tietjen cried a lot.  I really wanted to say a lot of things to that man, but the spirit was there and my mouth would not open.  We were very Christlike about the whole thing and I learned a lot.  I have never experienced something like that before.  Pray for Chris and his family...

I have a lot of random things to tell you!  For starters, the thunderstorms have been AMAZING here.  We have been soked on tour.  Justine and her 2 boys came to church.  The Packer's also went home :( I cried so much... I love the Packer's. They were my grandparents here.  Sister Packer has to get surgery I think.  She needs a lot of prayers too.  I got to meet her new son in-law that I heard so many stories about! 

Oh and yes, I have had so many connections on tour.  One family has my number and I "have" to go have Sunday dinner with them in Utah.  That is what they said. :) They were fun and yes I took a tour with Brother Short's son and the Garlock's grand-daughter :)

We also got to sing in the Kirtland temple this week for the Emma Festival.  It was a neat experience, now I can say that I sang in the Kirtland temple!!

Also, I totally saw a kid yesterday that I have been on quite a few dates with... it was weird.  He was walking out of the School of the Prophets and he said my name!  Well, then he turned and said, "meet my wife!"  Oh it was great. I said, "I didn't know you were married!"  The senior couple taking them on tour saw what happened and so they told all of Kirtland that I saw an old boyfriend and he was married.  He was never my boyfriend. haha.  They keep telling everyone that, but they just like to joke. haha. 

Lastly, Mom, I can't believe you called the cops on Marsha. hahah.  She really enjoyed telling me. :)

How was your birthday Kierra? 

Well, sorry this all over the place.  Too many little things to tell you.  It was a fun week!  I love you!  very much.

And... that is weird that you have my flight information!!

Sister Johnson

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