Monday, March 31, 2014

Crazy Week

Dear family,

This has been one of the craziest weeks.  I keep saying that, but this week might have topped it all.  Sister Frankenberry was sick this week.  She had the flu at one point and then after that was over with, she woke me up at almost 2 in the morning and we ran to the Emergency Room.  We were there until about 7:30.  We had talked to a nurse on the phone and she told us to go because it could have been her appendix.   It was a fun night.  I love being in hospitals.  She is fine, no appendix issues.  Speaking of the middle of the night, I got up for a second last night.  Sister Frankenberry saw me up and she got ready and put her workout clothes on.  It was 1 in the morning... so funny.  Then I randomly woke up laughing so hard.  I don't know what is wrong with me. She heard me and said something that woke me up.  I was laughing in my dream, so I wasn't conscious,  Then we both were laughing.  That happened multiple times last night.  So weird. 

We had a lot to do this last week.  We decided to make a video for training meeting.  I made so many videos for school and thought we should do it for the Sisters.  We filmed missionaries talking about the key messages in Kirtland, then we had them say what they knew to be true in 1 or 2 sentences and then we put it all to music with pictures and bloopers.  It turned out really well, but kinda stressful putting it together when we were out sick.  We are doing one for the seniors this week.  We are having them say, "I love my hunny because..."  We had them take prom pose pictures too.  It will be so cute.  Their video will be on Christlike Attributes for the Training meeting.  We have a very busy week.  That family we taught really wants to know more, so we are having another meeting with them this week, as well as 3 training meetings that we have to train at and we don't have time to plan anything because we will be on exchanges.  So lots to do... it never stops.

We took our ward mission leader, Nitin and our Zone Leaders on tour this last week.  It was such a great tour.  Nitin is very intellectual.  He is like a computer.  When you talk to him, he records everything into his memory.  Serious.  He has a hard time feeling, so we really focused on that in our tour.

We also took Kayla to Activity Days.  They went to the Cleveland Art Museum.  It was really good that we were able to go with her.  She is really shy and has a hard time branching out.  We hope that she will be able to find some friends.  All the Activity Day girls were about 4'3"  and Kayla is about 5'6".  She looks 17 and she is 11.   So we might take her to Mutual. She is too mature.

We were also able to teach Latasha twice.  She promised us that she would be at church on Sunday.  We even bought her Chipotle they day before to remind her and get her to come.  Did she come?  No. :( We were pretty sad.

It was a great week.  We just kept going and going and going.  We loved being able to sit down and watch the broadcast for all the women.  We are especially excited for General Conference.  I am grateful to be on a mission.  I remember being so excited to receive my mission call.  I couldn't wait.  Literally.  I opened my call the second I had it in my hand. (Only because dad pressured me...;)

I recently heard a story of a boy who was preparing for a mission and awaiting his call.  As he was anxiously awaiting his call, he got up in Fast and Testimony meeting and told everyone that he had, had a dream.  He said that in his dream he was in the pre-existence and he was talking with a friend and they were both waiting for their calls to earth.  He said a man had appeared to him and gave him a letter.   The letter stated that he would be born in a place of religious freedom. The letter also told him that he would be born into the true church of Jesus Christ.   It stated a lot more about his life.  It was also like a Patriarchal Blessing.  His friend then received his call.   It said that he was going to experience a lot of trials, not going to be born into the true church and will be born in the country of Costa Rica.   His friend looked up and said, you need to come find me while we are on earth.  The two friends cried together and he woke up.  Later, the young man preparing for his mission received his mission call, to Costa Rica.  One year later he wrote a letter to the ward saying, "I found my friend."

I know that we are here on earth for a reason.   We are here to help all those around us.   We don't need to be on full time missions. I want to always be so grateful to be born in this true church.  I love this gospel and how much it truly can change us.  I also know that as we are doing things that the Lord has asked of us, we will have the spirit with us more and will be led to those people who are searching for truth. 

Remember to watch General Conference!   I am so excited to hear from the Prophet!

Sister Kelsi Denae Johnson

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