Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My New Companion, Sister Frankenberry


Well, transfers have hit again.  I am now companions with Sister Frankenberry.  She is so cute, a very hard worker.  She is also from a small town in Pennsylvania.  Everyone keeps asking her where she is from and she receives the same answer after every time.  They say, "That's not far!" ha ha it gets funny.  I started making tally marks of how many people say that.  We are in the 30's. :)  She is 4 hours away from home, so no, she is not far.

I have been seriously so exhausted this last week.  I don't know how I am still moving.  We literally have been running from one thing to the next.  Transfer day was... a little overwhelming.  I sang for transfers... we practiced a few times before transfers, I sang, "I am a Child of God".  Sister Wygant played her flute, Elder Chapman played the Cello and Elder Barnes played the piano. It was pretty music all around. 

When we got to our area after transfers, our appointment fell through.  Sister Frankenberry and I started walking down the street and we were about to give some boys Mormon.org cards and she stops and says, "Jared?"  She saw a boy that she taught at the very beginning of her mission.  He had a baptism date and everything.  So she knew, right when she got to the area that she was meant to be here.  We are going over to their house tonight. 

Guess who is coming to our mission?  Ellllddddeeerrrr HOLLAND!  I am so excited.  We get to be with him for 6 or 7 hours.  It will be so great :)

Have I told you much about Robert?  Sister Wygant and I taught him.  He really is the most prepared person we have ever met. He is from Washington and randomly called into the visitor's center one day asking if the Book of Mormon talked about faith.  He is Jewish and has no Christian background.  Well, over a period of months of calling him, he is now getting baptized.  He is sharing his testimony to everyone around him.  We were about to get off the phone the other day and he said, "Wait!"  We said, what do you need?  He said, "I know this is true.  I know Joseph Smith was a prophet.   I know God lives..." He went on for a few minutes bearing testimony.  He told us that he wants to serve a mission.  He said he has been watching youtube videos with people opening up their mission calls and he can tell that it is important and that it is something he knows he has to do too.  SO COOL.  He has read all the Standards for Youth and told his girlfriend he wanted to live the Law of Chastity.  He really is a person who has a strong gift for feeling the spirit.  He knows what the spirit feels like and he has grown to have a strong testimony.  He is a miracle. 

We have pretty much 4 new investigators from this week.  We had a lesson with this guy named Andrew.  He is pretty cool and already believes most of what we believe.  We also had a lesson with Latasha and she cried.  I am just REALLY sad... because she isn't showing up when she says she is going to show up.  We can't get her to go anywhere :(  We also had an amazing lesson last night.  A member in our ward has been talking to her friends at work.  They have been curious about Mormons and so she said, "can the missionaries teach you more?  Come over to my house."  So we went and had dessert last night at their house and had a veeerrrryyy long discussion.  They asked so many deep questions.  It was a really cool experience and they want to meet again. Two of them are in our area :)  It was a powerful experience.... the spirit was strong, I had goosebumps :)   I loved it so much.  Sister Frankenberry kept talking about how amazing it was.

I know that this gospel is true. I know that we can always become stronger and regain strength through the Savior and His Atonement.  I know that we can change.

Sister Johnson

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