Monday, March 17, 2014

When You are Diligent, You See the Blessings


How are you doing?  I love you and miss you family. 

This week was probably the busiest week of my mission.  I am so tired... our ward mission leader is AMAZING!  He calls us non-stop and people in the ward call us and ask if they can come to our appointments.  It's pretty amazing.  We had a ward missionary conference at President Stacey's house.  It was fun.  We just ate and practiced teaching.  Sister Wygant and I had to leave early for the Elder Seldon fireside last night as well.  It was crazy bouncing from one thing to the next.  I also got to teach the primary kids in sharing time yesterday. It lifted my spirit.  I LoVe little kids.

So guess what happend?  We went to see Cheyla and Dazia.  I was really sad... Cheyla said, "I have a really bad feeling about the Book of Mormon." Then she told us she wouldn't read it.  I have never had anyone say that before.  We both just bore testimony, not really sure what to say after that.  We tried to understand why, but I honestly think that she is just saying that.

Jason came to church!  Yay!  He is moving soon :( So we need to find more.  We have a ton of potentials, but it's just hard to meet with them. Remember when I told you that he was inspired by a little boy to read that Book of Mormon?  Well, we told the little boy's mom.  I called her and she was crying.  She said she wrote it in his "baby book" and has been telling everyone.  She was really touched. 

Laura came to a baptism with us this week and guess who was there?  BOB!  He is back in action and was at church and even went to the Stacey's, as well as the fireside with Elder Seldon.  I love Bob.

We took 2 amazing tours in Kirtland this week.  We have seriously been so busy and the tours are starting to come again.  We are calling so many people all around the world right now and teaching them the gospel, I will miss calling them all the time, but i'm super excited to take more tours!

We first took a tour of a group of young woman who saved all their money for a year to do a church history tour.  They were sooooo prepared. One of the Young Woman said that they had decided on our tour that they wanted to serve a mission after watching us.  So cool :)

After the tour, we were spiritually drained.  It lasted over 3 hours... it was awesome, but really long.  After the tour, we went upstairs to start on some of our other responsibilities.  Well, then the Senior couple called us and said, "we have another tour for you."  So we went downstairs to take another family.  I don't know why we were soooo tired, but we were.  I told myself that I was going to push through, be diligent and really try my hardest.  Well, as we took this tour, the spirit became really strong.  We focused on the needs of the children.  They had 3. One was a baby, then a 3 year old and a 5 year old.  As we walked into the School of the Prophets, we told these two little girls that Heavenly Father and Jesus were in the room.  We told them all the stories.  While we were talking, the 5 year old took her dad and whispered in his ear.  He said, "tell the sisters."  She wouldn't tell us, she was embarrassed, but he said that she told him she was feeling the spirit and it was making her really happy.  Then the little girl came and whispered in my ear, she said, "I closed my eyes and I saw Heavenly Father and Jesus."  Then the 3 year old came and whispered in my ear and said, "I am going to obey mommy and daddy more."

How cute is that?  I about died.  When you are diligent and do all you can to, you truly will see the blessings.  I love Kirtland.  It is one of the greatest missionary tools.  It brings the spirit, because it is true.  Joseph Smith really is the prophet and he was there.  As well as Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ.

I love missionary work.  Since being out here, I have seen a change in myself.  I know the Lord can strengthen us in all things... sometimes it just takes time.  I love my family.  Be safe.  Be good.  Be happy.

Love always,

Sister Kelsi Denae

Ps- transfers are this week!  My companion, Sister Wygant goes home.  I know who my new companion is.  She goes home in 6 weeks, so I am going to kill 2 sisters!  (my new companion is in front on the left with the black jacket).

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