Monday, April 7, 2014

I Am Grateful

Wow, what a General Conference!  Wasn't it so great?

John and Jason came to the last session at our ward mission leaders house.  We had to make sure John was there.... he is so interesting- he is like 50 years old. He is the one that we met when we were helping him move and it was negative degrees outside, so he said, "whatever your message is about, I'll listen." 

Anyways, he has been texting us a lot... he has been saying inappropriate things.  He has a crush on me and keeps calling me, Miss American and beautiful, etc, etc.  He said he would come to Conference if I was going to be there.... the only reason we still went through with it was because he sincerely still has interest in the church.  So we made sure a lot of Priesthood holders were there.  The Zone Leaders came with their investigators as well.  I really think John can progress really quickly.  He asked us already what he needs to do to get baptized.  We will be transferring him to the Zone Leaders.

Jason- we are unsure how he felt, we will be calling him today. :)  Nitin was there and Nitin bore a powerful testimony and told them what they both needed to do to receive their answer.  He hasn't even received his own answer ha ha.  I love Nitin sooooo much!  I wish we were still teaching him.  He is the greeatest.  Elder Gates, our Zone Leader, told him that the words and phrases we taught him were used with 5 year old little girls ha ha.  So Nitin said, "you taught me little girl words!?"  It was really funny. 

We had such a miracle, busy week... I will tell you a little bit about what happen. 1st- I had the most lessons that I have ever had on my mission.  We worked so hard.  6 people still canceled, so we could have had more.  We had Mission Leadership council - which lasts most of the day, but so inspiring.  We had Zone Training (we had to lead discussions), A ton of preparing for all our meetings this week, We had 2 days of Kirtland (took a tour with non-members from Thailand), had an interview with President Vellinga, we had our Kirtland Training meeting (we made another video for the seniors on Christlike attributes), We planned two surprise parties (at the same time). It was Sister Sorenson's birthday and this Recent convert was planning a breakfast for another senior couple for their anniversary and we had another breakfast upstairs for Sister Sorenson.  A lot of secrets, but it eventually worked out. :)  We had a good plan.  We had exchanges, General Conference and a lesson every other minute!  We never finished weekly planning....but we are being so blessed!

We taught the Barkers friends again.... we hardly got a word in.  They had a recent convert come and she didn't want anyone else to talk.... so Sister Barker was really worried, but don't worry, her friends are still interested!  We also taught Jason... Jason is great and still progressing.  He went into General Conference thinking about if we need organized religion or not.  We aren't sure about Latasha.  She promised us she would go to conference.  She was texting us and said she would text us back.  Never did.

I really loved this last week.  I wish I could write about every moment.  To sum it up, the hardest working week of my whole mission.  Next week, hopefully I can work even harder.  I know how important this work is.  President Vellinga asked us as a mission to think about this question during conference, "How can i better fulfill my Purpose as a missionary to bring more people unto Christ?"  I really listened for answers to that during conference.  We are reporting to him this morning of our experience.  One that really popped out to me is the talk on being grateful.  No matter what we are going through, no matter how hard things are, etc, etc, there is always so much to be grateful for.  I know that if I were more grateful and not just try to "endure the day", hoping for a better tomorrow, I would be a better missionary.  I would be better at everything that I do.  I want to be more grateful.  I want to enjoy every moment and remember that tomorrow will come and right now I have so much that I am blessed with, even when it is really hard. 

I love my mission.  I am grateful to be here.  I am grateful for my family at home who is very supportive, as well as so many great friends.  I am grateful for what I know.  I am grateful that I have the opportunity and blessing to help others know about this gospel. I am grateful for the scriptures.  I am grateful for the wonderful General Conference we just had.

I love you all so much!

Sister Kelsi Denae Johnson

Ps~ Okay. Go to Type in "remembering Kirtland" and then after you watch that, type in "Kirtland a Holy Place." Those videos are new!  I know so many people in them and they were made when Elder Ballard was here, we were watching them film at times.  I didn't see myself though.  In, "Remember Kirtland" my stake president is in it.  Sherri Moss ( I was just at her house) and President and Sister Vellinga.  Then the other video, Sister Davis is in it.  I was at her house doing service when the window fell on my hand and now I have a cool scar on the top of my hand :)  Elder Seldon is also in that one and he was the one that we just asked to do a fireside for us in Kirtland.  So now you can see some of the people that I have been talking about.  Our bishop's kids are also that ones who are shaking Elder Ballard's hands. So cool! 

Pss~~ Another cool fact, My companions brother is serving in Oregon.  Me, Kory, her brother and Sister Frankenberry are all in O states :)

Psss~ picture is with Sister Mohler... she went home early this week.  Snow pics are with me and my companion, Sister Frankenberry.

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