Monday, April 28, 2014

What Do You Need To Do To Help in HIS Work?

Hey everyone.

It has been a big week.  We made another trip to the emergency room yesterday.  Sister Frankenberry had vertigo or something... it's been hard because we have had to cancel a few appointments and it's almost her last day in the area, she is about to go home.  Her parents are coming to pick her up Thursday and she is going to give them a tour as a missionary. 

Our area has been dying... Laura keeps canceling.  Jason has been "too busy".  Most of everyone else has dropped us and we haven't been able to pick many new people up... we just received transfer information last night and they are closing the other sisters area in our ward!  We are picking up all of SHN's area... they have a ton of people that they are working with... we are going to be so very busy!  I also know who my new companion is.  Her name is Sister Newren.  She is really cute :)  I prayed for her as a companion.... haha, so I am really happy.  Prayer works!

We were able to see Sabrina this week.  She is so cute... she always kisses me on the cheek.  I love her, but she is so hard to meet with.  Oh, so we had stake conference this last weekend.  It was amazing.  I loved it so much.  They had a presentation of how we can really work with each other and they brought up people from our ward. The person that they demonstrated with was actually in our area and miracle happened!  This lady only speaks Spanish, but her nonmember kids do not.  We have been trying so hard to meet with them, but the apartment complex was locked and so we random called a ton of people asking them to open the door. :)  One of them did!  Then we walk upstairs and Sister Hernandez was walking in with all of her kids (they are in their 20's).  We were able to talk to them and set up an appointment to teach them on Wednesday.  They announced it at stake conference in their "skit" about our little miracle.  I hope that made sense.  There were a ton of other little details.  It was a miracle that was acknowledged so we thought it was even cooler.... but any who. ha ha.

We went and visited bishop's wife this week.  We talked our the the atonement with her.   I have no idea how it happened, but she started talking about marriage and said, "BE SCARED.  Wait, etc. etc.  She freaked us out and now we don't ever want to get married. 

My favorite part about this week was stake conference.  It was so inspiring.  Sister Frankenberry and I were just talking about how the work truly is hastening.  It isn't just a "catch phrase."  It's real.  President Haymond read D&C 138: 53-56.  Then he we understand the magnitude of this responsibility?  If there have been about 10 billion people who have lived on the earth... how many know about the gospel?  Such a select few and WE are one of them.  God expects us to reach out and do our part.  He needs you and me... and He trusts us.  Heavenly Father is really putting everything into place.  Faster than ever before.  The work is moving quicker and so we need to learn how to move quicker as well.  We don't need to worry about , "planting seeds." Those things have already been done.  People are ready.  The work is hastening and we were chosen before we were born to be here in the last days.  WE NEED to do our part. 

If a name of a friend ever comes in your mind, act on it.  Don't think, "nah, they aren't ready yet... Heavenly Father places that thought in your head for a reason.  We were all prepared before we came here.  Remember that.  This is a choice blessing that we have to share such a unique message to everyone.

President Haymond gave us something to do.  I want to give it to you to do. :)

Think about what you can do to help more.  Then get on your knees.  Pray.  Then be quiet after you finish your prayer.  Don't get off your knees.  An impression will come to you.  You will know what you need to do to help the Lord in His work.

If you want to be truly happy, then serve.  It will change everything.  I have seen that so many times. 

I know that the work truly is hastening.  Don't be afraid to open your mouths wherever you go!!! 

Love, Sister Kelsi Denae Johnson

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