Monday, April 21, 2014

We Have All Had Ancestors Who Were In Kirtland

Thanks for my flowers mom.  They are pretty... They are in the kitchen at the visitors center.  I am there more than I am home.  It was a great week this last week.  We were in Kirtland one day about to take my first bus tour of the summer and Elder Teh, of the Seventy, decided to hop on in and take a tour.  Do you remember him from General Conference?  He and his wife were really sweet.  Karl Anderson was also there and wanted to speak to the group.  He talked for an hour straight. 

He talked a lot about the temple and about all of Kirtland.  He asked everyone who had ancestors who were in Kirtland... only a select few raised their hands.  He then moved on from the subject and preceded to tell us how Heavenly Father and our Savior appeared 6 times in 4 locations in the Kirtland area.  He talked about how a seminary teacher (who taught for about 30 years) came to Kirtland on a youth group.  The seminary teacher said, "I have been teaching for over 30 years and I have never seen nor heard of any appearances other than the sacred grove.  Karl said, "how do you tell a kind man that three of those are listed in the D&C?"  Everyone laughed... Karl then preceded to tell him that we have the documentation and that it was in the D&C as well. The seminary teacher said, "ok, but those are visions.  Not appearances."  Karl laughed and said, "Do we call the first vision the first appearance or the first vision?"  He also said that Joseph Smith never knew if he was dreaming or not, but they had happened. 

Then he explained to us the 15 prophets have appeared in Kirtland.... if you turn to D&C 1:37, you will see that it talks about Father Adam.  Adam is definitely our ancestor as well as Elias, who was actually Noah.  We have ALL had ancestors who were in Kirtland. :)  He told us to always tell everyone from now on that we have all had ancestors who were in Kirtland. 

We had another lesson with the Barker's friends... it went really well this time and they all really enjoyed it.  They are excited to meet again.  We also met with Andrew.  He had the Book of Mormon open when we first got there and it was opened to 3rd Nephi.  It was highlighted so I decided to look through it to see what else he had highlighted.  There was nothing.... My companion and I looked at each other thinking that he had lied and didn't read.  Well, throughout the lesson he was bringing up all different parts of the Book of Mormon.  He really did read from the beginning to 3rd Nephi since we had met last!  We were shocked.  He is pretty awesome.

When we were on exchanges this last week, we had a really neat experience.  We went into Cleveland to teach our ward mission leader's friend.  On our way out, we saw a couple standing and talking so we went up to them and told them about the "Because of Him" video.  The girl had dark sunglasses on and the guy kept thanking us and said we were an answer to his prayers.  I then felt prompted to give them a temple card and tell them that we also share a special message about how are families are eternal. The girl began to cry... and the guy grabbed her and hugged her.  He said, "her mom just died."  I asked her if I could hug her and we told her that Heavenly Father has a plan.  They told us they were so appreciative and they were really excited to watch the video and get on the website.  They promised they would.  It was so tender.

This week was another great one.  I sang in church yesterday... it wasn't my best.  Bishop told me he cried though.  It felt very not rehearsed.  We did drills in the car on the way to Missionary Coordination.  Sister Frankenberry just kept laughing.  It was funny saying "gee gee gee and nay nay nay with the windows down."  But good news, we told everyone it was Sister Frankenberry's last Sunday before she goes home and that I was singing, so less-actives came.

I really love my ward.  It is the greatest.  I never want to leave it.  I wish I could tell you about everyone... all our investigators and the whole ward, but not enough time. :(

Have a wonderful weeekkkkk.

I love you.

Sister Johnson

Ps- I have been teaching so many people from India.  Another man from India came to sites... we gave him a 2 hour tour with a couple from Mexico, then the elders taught him.   A random lady showed up to church yesterday wanting to pray to Jesus from India.  So cool!

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