Monday, May 5, 2014

Singing for Elder Holland???


Well, it was transfers again.  I now am with Sister Newren.  She is the cutest.  We get along really really well.  She is from Utah, she has a beautiful voice, she's tall and has curly hair.  Oh and she wants to be a midwife.  She is probably the most humble person I have ever met... I hope I can learn from her a ton about humility.

President Vellinga really is the best speaker.  He told us this amazing story at transfers... he said his brother went on his mission to Holland.  He baptized 1 person.  That 1 person had a friend that he shared the gospel with and now his family are all members of the church.  In Salt Lake City a couple of weeks ago, President Vellinga's brother saw a sister missionary.  He asked her where she was from and she told him that she was from Holland.  He told her that his brother served his mission there.  She asked what his brothers last name was and he said... "Vellinga.."  She said, "That is my new mission President's name!"   We go to transfers and she had just arrived.  President Vellinga said.... "my brother just saw one of the fruits from his labors a long time ago."  Now she is on a mission because of President's brother serving a mission and baptizing that one person.  How amazing is that??

It's so important that "we do something more that just dream of our mansions above."  President always says, "Do something.  Go to heaven."  And help others get to heaven.

So we have less and less time in our area now.  We decided one day this week to conquer as much as we could.  We planned 10 lessons in one day.  The goal for the whole mission (without sites) is 20 lessons a week.  We reached 9... and by the time we got home, we were so dead.  We saw a miracle that day... we have a new investigator, because the sisters left and she has a baptismal date.  I taught her a while ago on exchanges, but we wanted to just see where she is and what was holding her back.  A miracle happened and she said that she might want to get baptized sooner (she was thinking July) and now she thinks she could be ready.  Her daughter Kayla also wants so badly to get baptized, but she is just waiting for her mom.  She kept saying in the lesson, " I believe, I believe, I'm ready to get baptized."

SO many less-actives came to church on Sunday.  It was very unusual.  I don't think any of them had been there since I have been in this area... Sister Frazier (my favorite) came, the Roberto's (we are teaching their son so he can get baptized) stayed all 3 hours, the Holdaway's and the Avery's.  BUT none of our investigators came.  No Carmella, Tina, Jason, Laura, Alexandria, Jahred, Kayla... so we will get them there next week. 

We were actually in missionary coordination meeting yesterday and they said, "so where are you going to skype home?"  We were like, "for what?"   We kinda already have appointments scheduled the whole day.... and I have no idea when we are going to Skype on Mother's Day.  We both forgot... we just have a lot to do and so little time!  So we were thinking during studies which is 9 o'clock our time :)  Is that too early?

I have to tell you 2 more things I just remembered!!  Remember Gaey or possibly named Gary????  Sister Wygant and I stopped by and I asked him if he was gaey...well, I thought I ruined it.  The elders talked to us the other day and said they were teaching 2 guys in our area and we said it was fine... blah blah... and did not connect the dots!  They are teaching the same Gary!  His name isn't gaey and I didn't ruin it. haha

.. well you know how elder Holland is coming?  The AP's text and asked if I could sing with another elder and sister... we were thinking it was for transfers and I said, "I can, but maybe you can give someone else the opportunity because I have sang a lot the last little bit..."  He said. "Ok" without telling us what it was for.  Turns out, I'm really smart.  I turned down singing for ELDER HOLLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was almost in tears.  Elder Sorenson made me call them back.... so I did and nothing could be done. Elder Sorenson said  that he is having a private lunch with Elder Holland at his house and he said, "you are singing."  I said, "um no way".  I am not singing a solo for Elder Holland... no way jose.  Sister Sorenson thinks it's a great idea.... they are totally serious.  I am too hah.  I was nervous and red faced just thinking about it.  

Our investigator is having an issue with the prophet seeing God.  Elder Sorenson is smart and has worked with general authorities his whole life.. We asked Elder Sorenson if anything was really documented of that.  He told us a story.... he said it was while he was on his mission and some of elders were having a meeting with Howard W. Hunter.  They were recording him as he spoke.  Well, Howard W. Hunter told them all that he felt impressed to tell them about an experience that he had.  He asked everyone to turn off the recorders.  Then he said, "Are they all off?"  The missionaries did not turn off the recorders... they ran home to show some other Elders... they turned on the tape player... and you hear, "Are they all off?"  Then a long pause...... then you hear, "ok now you can turn it back on."  It did not record what he had said.  Howard W. Hunter told them of an experience that he had with the Savior.  It really was sacred... and something not to be shared. 

I know without a doubt that the Savior lives.  So does Heavenly Father.  They are so involved in our lives. 

Love you!!!

Sister Kelsi Denae Johnson

ps~ my companion is attatching my, so here is hers :)

pss~ Ya'll need to have a page! 

pss~ Listen to Elder Ballard's talk from last night at the CES devotional.  Amazing. 

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