Monday, May 19, 2014


Okay I have the biggest news of my life to tell you.  But, I will tell you about my week first. 

The Zoo last p-day was so fun.  It started down pouring and we were soaked and the elephants were super lovey dovey.... don't worry, I got it all on video. :)

It was great and great.  Jahred came to church.  It was soooo cute!  He asked if he could take 2 friends, so these "cool" 7th graders came.  They didn't want to stay for all of it, but they liked it, so they stayed for all three hours.  Everyone said they participated in class and they invited them to play basketball on Tuesday night.  The ward was excited.  Before Jahred left... he was doing back flips off the stage and he grabbed a baby and put the baby on this tall things and said, "jump!"  I felt like his mom... saying, Jahred... what on earth are you doing? haha   He was acting too cool for school with his friends yesterday.

We had 8 non-members at church yesterday. 9 including the Elder's investigator.  There is a lady who wants us to teach her boyfriend and so we said, BRING HIM and she brought him to church.  Then Alexandria, Kayla, Kevin and Kaden came.  Then Jahred and his two friends.  It was fun... and the Elder's investigator.  Sister Pickett also came!  She is starting to come now :)  We were SO happy to see her.  During sacrament meeting, we changed seats 3 times because everyone kept wanting our attention.  It was funny... just a crazy Sunday and so much to do. 

We had another meeting with President Vellinga and our stake President, President Haymond.  It wasn't as scary this time. There is always a little bit of arguing in those meetings... and I think I started one.  Just a lot of different opinions... :)

Funny story.... we went to an appointment with Jason.  He is doing good.  It was great to finally see him.  He is going to a fireside on Saturday with Sister Dalton and I am taking him, Sister Newren and the Taft's on a tour of the Johnson home.  None of them have been there :) It will be SO fun!  After Jason's we were running a little late... like 15 minutes.  Sister Newren put in the GPS "go home."  Well... I have a "Kirtland home" and a "go home."  We were in a different side of town, so we thought that is why it looked different, but nope.  We finally passed a sign saying, "Barrington Apartments!"  That is my old apartment in Hiram!  I was screaming.... ha ha. I was like, "we are in Aurora!" 45-50 min away from Kirtland :)  It was so funny, we were going to be so late for curfew.  Elder Gubler will probably be calling us for sure... then we were REALLY hungry so we stopped to eat at 10 pm. Ha just kidding.   We definitely would get in so much trouble... it was a good night.

Jason Mitchell from Salt Lake came and trained us for 2 mornings. He left and said tat there was nothing that we needed to do better. He said... "it doesn't seem like a group of missionaries here, it seems more like a family." It made me happy. We really are all so close in Kirtland. 

We had Zone Conference right after... we did a musical number.  An elder who played the violin has a twin who serves with Kory. Elder Taylor... So he played the violin, Sis Spong played the flute, Elders Toolson, Gates (who was sick), me and Newren sang and Elder Carr played the piano.  It was a disaster... When you don't have time to practice.... it really doesn't sound well.  The out of tune sounds are still in my ears.... we were going to just not do it, but everyone wanted the opportunity to be a part of it so badly.... 

Anywho...Sister Vellinga made a new packet for the mission.  She made a comment at the pulpit saying, "Kirtland bootcamp won't be around forever.... one day someone will have to go home."  Then everyone looked at me.  I have forever still, I don't know what they were talkin' about. 

I was reading in Ether and we can learn SO much.  In chapter 2 he learns how he needs to build the boat, then the Lord verse 16 & 17 he describes how they build the boat and that they made in tight like unto a dish.  In verse 19 he expresses that they can't breathe, so the Lord immediately tells him to make a hole in the top and also in the bottom. (he received instantaneous revelation-rare). Then Jared tells the Lord... we can't see, how are we going to see to get across the great waters and the Lord basically says, well what do you want me to do about it? ... Elder Hales talked about how this is a pattern and we should use it constantly if we want to see miracles in our lives.  In chapter 3 verses 1-6, we learn that he works hard, climbs a mountain and did molten out of a rock 16 small stones... that would not be easy.  Then in verse 2 he expresses humility and the inability to solve this problem that they are having.  He then explains his reason for petition, bears testimony and the Lord in verse 6 touched the stones and they became light... the Lord also was willing to grant even more blessings and showed Jared his finger. 

Now think, what is something that you want the Lord to light in your life?  Jared was doing EVERYTHING he could.  The answer to his prayer did not come quickly.  He had to put as much effort as he could, humble himself and then the Lord showed him more. It is such a perfect example and we can learn from Jared. ready for the news????   I am "on-call" this Wednesday morning, between 10:30-12 to go to Elder Sorenson's home. Sister Newren and I will walk in.... with Elder and Sister Sorenson, Elder Seldon (area 70), Elder Hallstrom (just spoke at conference) and ELDER HOLLAND.  Then Sister Newren will start playing the piano and I will sing... then we take a picture and then leave. WHAT?!  I might not be online next week. I might be dead.  That is the scariest thing of my life.  It's only a couple people in a tiny room.... Elder Sorenson really did set it up and he said, "you are not going to turn down a once in a lifetime opportunity are you?"  Oh man........ who gets to privately sing to 3 general authorities?  I don't know....we are both so scared. 

Anywho, I loooovveeee being a missionary.  We shall see how this week goes!  I love you all!  Go to heaven!!!

Sister Kelsi Denae Johnson

Sorry so long!

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