Monday, May 12, 2014



So...since I talked to you yesterday, this is going to be brief.  We had another busy week.  It's been fun! We are going to the Zoo today, and I have never in my life been so excited to go to the Zoo. :)
We made Mother's Day cards for all the Senior missionaries and some less-actives.  It was really good. Sister Frazier said that she is going to frame the card that we gave her.  It was so very cute :)  We love her so much.
We had Mission Leadership Counsel this last week.  It was probably my favorite mission leadership counsel.  When we ended... we sang our mission song.  I will attach it on the e-mail.  Listen to it.  After we finished singing it, it was silent and he said. "I consider you equal to Helaman's Army.  You are all amazing." It was so powerful.... I am excited for you to listen to the song we sing ALL the time.
We have a solid new investigator named Susan!  She has read the Book of Mormon 3 times and is reading the Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine and Covenants and Joseph Smith history. Story... She met with missionaries 4 years ago... right when she started meeting with the missionaries, she got really sick and has had 16 surgeries and a ton of other issues.  She is JUST starting to feel better and willing to meet with us.  Last Monday night, we scheduled a time to meet with her on Thursday.  We show up Thursday and she was back laying on the couch.  I was like...oh no....what is wrong?  She had mentioned that every time she meets with the missionaries, she ALWAYS gets sick.  Turns out... right after we left her house, she broke her foot!  Good news, she is still willing to meet with us :)  She is awesome.  She knows it is all true already... then she said she would want to get baptized.  Alexandria and Kayla also know it's true.  They are getting baptized on June 27th... I love this ward/area so much.
Well, I have to run....the gospel is TRUE!  I love being a missionary.  It was fun talking yesterday... Mom, I hope you had a great rest of your Mother's Day yesterday.  Have a wonderful week.

Love always,

Sister Kelsi Denae Johnson

Ps- this week and next week are going to be AMAZING!  Training from Salt Lake, Zone Conference andnndndndndnd ELDER HOLLAND!

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