Monday, October 28, 2013

Without God, I am Nothing

Our family had a special visitor at our home yesterday from a sister that lives in Kelsi's ward in Ohio she is serving in, Sister Learny.  She wanted to meet Kelsi's family.  She loves Kelsi and said she is a pure delight.  We really appreciated the fact that she would take time to come here.  It meant so much to us.


Hello family!

How are you all doing?  Glad you were able to meet Sister Leamy, Mom!

This week was the longest week EVER.  We have had so much to do.  We haven't even finished weekly planning yet, which that was supposed to have been done on Thursday... so we have no plans as of right now for our next week :)  That's how crazy it's been.

We had interviews with President.  That was fun.  He is the best mission President ever.  He is seriously amazing. we also had a pretty successful week!  We had a bonfire on Saturday night.  It was a success!  3 investigators came and a ton of ward members.  Everyone was so great in talking to them and we made s'mores.  Katee came!  We aren't sure how that will progress.  We have faith, but she hasn't gotten back to us.  So, we shall see.  She kept going up to everyone and hugging them and introducing herself saying, "hi, I'm Katee!"  She is so bubbly and cute.  She wants to come to church.

We also had 4 investigators at church on Sunday!  That was the most I've ever had... so that is good :)  The Stamm's came.  Michael and Lisa.  Bad news... Lisa and Jim have to move immediately.. and are moving to PA :( We will miss them... good thing that we are site missionaries and can still call people from all over the world.

Then Michael was going to get baptized this next weekend, but we pushed it back to the following weekend.  Satan was working so very hard on making everything not work out this weekend.  It was ridiculous.  He is still figuring things out,  but we took him to a baptism (the zone leader's baptism) so he could see what it was like, then we went to the bonfire and then he came to church on Sunday and then we gave him a tour of the Johnson Home.  He really liked the Johnson home.  I said, "How did you like it?"  He started thinking and said it was interesting... but then he said he had really good feelings and he can tell that it was important.  So that is good!  The Johnson Home is amazing.  He knows it's true :)  He was also the one who set up the appointment with us.  We were like, yes, we are definitely coming to see you this week!

The Stamm's came to church, but they really only came to hear me sing.  They said they wanted to support me... well a miracle happened.  We did not sit next to them in church.  I kept glancing over at them and they were smiling the entire meeting.  Katherine looked like she was having a ball :)  I got up to sing and I really kept them in mind as I sang... I saw them smiling as I was singing.  The stake president was there and he said he wanted to get up and say something.  He said, "I know that there are some people here today who are investigating the church."  He said, "I want you to know that you have made the right choice... he said the spirit was very strong today" and he bore a powerful testimony that was straight for the investigators to hear.  Then bishop ran over and greeted the Stamm's saying, "Can I come and visit you this Tuesday?"  The Stamm's were like...uhhh sure.  We walked over to bishops office and he was tearing up.  He said, he watched them in that meeting.  He said it was confirmed to him that they felt the spirit and he needed to go visit them.  He seemed so emotional and excited about it.  They would be solid members of the church.  They are just great great people.   I am so excited that bishop is going to see them :)  Drew and Katherine laughed, smiled and nodded the whole meeting.

Then I sang another time yesterday, at the Johnson Home commemoration.  Wow, I felt so special all day yesterday.  They were even talking about the song in Relief Society.  Bishop said he wants to know when my CD is coming out... pshhh yaa right.  Karl Andersen was the speaker and the "This is Kirtland" cast sang as well and then me!  I was soooo nervous.... I sang, "I Believe in Christ" in church and "Come, Come Ye Saints" at the commemoration.  The Tanner girls came up to me after (which by the way, they are the most beautiful girls ever).

Everyone keeps asking what school I went to before my mission.  I just usually say that I have been around a little haha.  8 colleges is a lot.... and makes me sound crazy!  But I KNOW that every single thing that I did helped me prepare for my mission.  I wanted to do dental for forever.  It taught me so much.  I worked with kids for forever.  That taught me how to get down on their level and teach to their understanding.  I use that every day on the mission... I did music for a year.  I was able to practice, so that I can sing on the mission.  Especially since we have NO time to practice.  I literally went through the song one time before I sang... Everything in life happens for a reason.  Everything prior to coming here was in preparation to help me in this moment and it will continue to help as life goes on.  Even in your lives... Heavenly Father prepares you for callings, for having children, for work, teaching someone about the gospel, being a friend, listening, etc.  He is preparing us, so He can use us!

Another little thought, President Vellinga asked me to memorize a scripture this week, so I memorized Alma 26:12. "Yea, I know that I am nothing.  As to my strength I am weak.  Therefore, I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in His strength I can do all things; yea behold many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise His name forever."

Without God, I am nothing.  I would be miserable and have no talents, no knowledge and understanding, nothing.  But with God, I am everything.  We can all turn to Him.  He will be there.  We can be an instrument in His hands if we but turn to Him and realize that our blessings are ours because we are faithful and because we have a loving Heavenly Father and because of the sacrifices made by our Savior, Jesus Christ.

He lives and He wants to use us.  I am trying my best to give Him my heart and my desires.  That is the only thing that He does not already have from us.  It is hard, the natural man wants to come out all the time, but as we continue to embrace ourselves in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it will come more naturally.

I know that I am nothing, but with His strength, I can do allll things.

I love you. Until Next week!

Sister Johnson

"I dwell on high, I hear your prayers, I know your hearts, I know your desires."  What the Savior said to Joseph Smith at the Johnson home.

Link to the Church News on Elder Ballard's visit to Kirtland last week.

Sister Smith, Clark, and Johnson.  They were MTC companions.

Sister Coontz and Sister Johnson

Kirtland East
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