Monday, October 21, 2013

Guiding By The Spirit

Sorry this might be long, I am going to type as fast as I can, I have a lot to tell you before we get kicked off!  I made notes...
This week went by really fast.  It doesn't feel like p-day, especially since I got to talk on the phone with Mom!   Whoops.... I was just talking to the lady scheduling the doctors appointment and she said she was going to call Mom to get Dad's info and I said, alright awesome.  Then she goes... "Mrs. Johnson, I have you on the phone with your daughter... Kelsi?" then I looked at my companion and freaked... our eyes were big with our mouths open and we were just listening to Mom and then.... I said "hi mom and bye love you." I had to say something! haha  After Mom got off the phone, the lady kept apologizing and felt so bad because she could tell there were emotions.  I was like... I didn't know it was going to be a 3 way call!   That was fun though.  I told everyone.
Also, Sister Leamy (from my ward here in Hiram) is a single gal and she is going to California on business....I said, say hi to my family!   And she said... I really want to, so she is coming this weekend to see you all. haha. Either Saturday or Sunday.  I don't know her TOO TOO well... but she is really excited :)   Hope that is alright...she has your number :)
I also sang in a zone training meeting last week.  I am singing in church this Sunday and possibly will be singing at the commemoration for the Johnson home with Karl Andersen Sunday night... I have no time to practice so we will see how this goes :)  We are also planning a bonfire to invite our investigators to for some fellowship.  The members are coming to help fellowship.   Cute 20 year old Katee is coming, Stamm's, Michael, Lisa and Jim and someone else I can't think of.  We are still working on getting more :) Our zone leaders, district leader and his comp and the Solon sisters are all coming too and bringing members of the Solon ward.   Maybe the Tanner's will come!  The missionaries are also singing at the bonfire :) stoked. stoked.   We have the best district.  I am constantly laughing...
So ready to hear about Michael?   He pretty much has a baptism date :)  November second!  Less than two weeks away!   We had our "first" lesson with him since he dropped us. Instead of a "how to begin teaching", we did a "how to keep teaching" with him.  We felt strongly that we needed to talk about how this gospel can have a huge impact on the future.  He said he had been thinking A LOT about that.  I told him about our home... and how it was a home filled with the spirit and growing up, it was somewhere where I wanted to be.   Well, after I said that... he paused... he stared at the ground for a minute...and he said, "I look for signs sometimes to tell me what to do and what you just said is in my book.   Word for word."   We continued talking about families.  He said that he has a goal to get married in all white.   We told him that in the temple, we all wear white :)  He said he can see himself marrying a Mormon girl.  He so bad wants a family in a gospel centered home filled with the spirit. Sooooo me and Sister Coontz have definitely been looking for his future wife on hahaha it is our facebook.
I feel like we are having too much fun on the mission.  We are always making jokes and laughing, but we are serious when we need to be.  Too much happiness.
We were driving to a potentials house and I felt strongly I needed to pull the car over, and so I did.  I told Sister Coontz that we were going to be tracting for a few minutes before it got all the way dark. So we got out...the first house we went to, was a lady named Maria.  She wants us to come back and she is so sweet!  Then the next home a guy wasn't TOO interested, but he said he would check out, then the next house... Jessica answered the door.  She was so cute and beautiful.   She said she had never gone to church, but she really wanted to.   So she is going to come to church.   Me and Sister Coontz have been thinking a lot about her... we definitely stopped for a reason.
I found a little note this week in my binder that said, " I know this all to be true... after reading this talk a few days ago and after a few more things that have happened to me, I have decided to serve a mission.  I know if I also follow these things, I can bless lives of many.   I've never been so excited."   I wrote that note January 2012.  I went to go see my bishop and he actually discouraged me from going, so I dropped it.

The thought was still in my head, but I honestly didn't want to go and leave my family.  People kept saying, "are you going to serve?" or "You should go on a mission".   I kept saying, "no no no no no no" and denied what I knew I needed to do.
President Davis told me he wanted to see me.  He said he felt impressed to ask me if I had ever thought about a mission.  I told him yes, but there were things happening in life, that I wanted to see first.   I was dumb.   Then... nothing was working out.   I felt as if everything was going wrong.  So I prayed one night in tears, praying to get an answer on what I needed to do.   I had a dream that night that I was taking out my endowments and receiving a blessing.  I woke up at 1:30 am and knew that it was President Davis giving me the blessing.

The next morning was Sunday, I went into the Stake presidents office after church and was going to "see" if he was around.  I really didn't want to bug him and I probably wouldn't have come back if he wasn't there.   All the lights were turned off...but I walked in anyways and wondered around.  I looked in a room and saw a light in the corner.   It was President Davis looking at his phone.  He looked at me and said, "Kelsi, come in!"  I still didn't want to bother him, but he welcomed me in, even though he was leaving.  I told him I had a dream.   He told me it was meant to be and it was rare that I caught him.  He gave me a blessing and it all talked about preparing to be a wife and a mother.  I felt so strongly I needed to go on a mission... but I was not about to say that (because I still really didn't want to go).  I went home and really contemplated ... I told my mom and dad that I was going... I did not like that I was saying that.   But I knew I needed to.   So, we called the bishop and he called President Davis and just about 20 minutes later, President Davis called mom and said  "that is what I would have expected her to say".
Heavenly Father really does know us better than we know ourselves.  I should have never doubted what He knew I needed.  I am so thankful for the spirit and I am thankful that I was told so many times... the spirit doesn't always tell us what we need to do more than once.  We need to make sure that we are immediately following the promptings of the spirit.   Really tuning in on where you need to be.   You can be guided to help someone in need.  It happens every day on the mission and I just love my mission.   It is the best decision I have ever made and I know that this gospel is true.   I know without a doubt, more and more every week.
Sister Kelsi Denae
"Salvation cannot come without revelation, it is vain for anyone to minister without it" Joseph Smith

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