Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Where Can I Turn for Peace

Hey hey hey from OH-HI-YO,
How are you? Thanks so much for all the things you sent... I loved them so much. I can't ever get tired of that.
My thoughts are definitely not very put together today. Today is a P-day, but not really. We have been cleaning all morning for inspections and next week we won't have p-day until Tuesday.  I think, because guess what?  Transfers are here!  I am so happy not to be the newbie anymore. :)
So a lot happened this week and a lot will happen this week:)  I got to go on an exchange with Sister Goodman (in picture).  That was seriously so fun... all we did was service for over three hours ha, but she is so sweet. She goes home this next week :/  

I am also singing in church this Sunday and maybe for transfers too with all the missionaries next week.  That will be scary. 

We get to go to the Johnson home this week, so I have to read up a lot, but it's probably my favorite place:)  So I am way excited to go there.  Also when we were at Kirtland this last week, we had sooooo many tours (one of them from Mission Viejo!!)  It will be crazy busy this summer and people have already been calling and scheduling (they don't have to, but they can).  I really want ya'll to come pick me up. :)  Then I can give you a tour!  

I also am the new pianist. :/ Not for the ward, but for everything else... I suck haha.  I wish I would have practiced more... 10 years wasn't enough haha.  

Oh and people keep asking me where my accent is from.  They think I'm from Texas.  They have dirty accents here. They say "fur", crick, "thur" and things like that.
This week we were able to bike, I was soooooo happy!  We did like a little over 10 miles one day and about 3 or 4 miles the next.  I was seriously laughing so hard.  Sister Joseph was panting and said she was gonna die and then biking in skirts is intense.  My skirt definitely got caught and ripped... almost pulled my skirt off.  I was laughing so hard.  Then bugs were going in our mouths and ya... it was so great :)  We also found it super effective.  Every person we talked to while biking, talked to us.  Their hearts were softened... probably because of Sister Joseph's red face and we were all sweaty and everyone kept saying.. "wow, you two are tough, it's so hot!"  We got TONS of numbers and set up a lot of appointments for this next week :)  Happy biking days... we are definitely going to be doing it a lot more.
We met one girl named Christina.  Her kids were adorable and so polite.  The mom said she was heading out the door, but she really wanted to talk to us and she said she knew who we were... not sure what she is going to say, but she set up an appointment with us! Then we go to the next ladies house riding our bikes and she said she LOVES Mormon's and knows who we are and she wants to know more.
We were also able to meet with Chuckie again... the appointment went really well.  We showed him the video of President Monson and he said he could tell that man was full of the spirit, but he needed more time and he asked us if we can keep teaching him so that he can learn.  We said...we can probably do that ;) haha  He's so great.

Then the Roberts... we meet with them again tonight.  We LOVE them and they said they would go to church this week to watch me sing (that's why I am singing ha)  We are kinda having a big lesson tonight so we are praying it will go well.  We love the Robert's.  Brad Robert's makes us hold hands when we pray and he kissed my hand last time and always hugs us.  They are just a friendly family... haha.  We always try to avoid it, but it doesn't work out too well.
Sorry my thoughts are so scattered. I feel like I am rambling a lot today, but this week was definitely a big change.  We were able to meet so many neat people and it made me so happy.  I just want to go out and meet everyone :)  I have such a strong desire to share this message.  It is so important.  A lot of people are looking for peace in their lives and the world provides temporal peace in so many ways.  Some don't even know where to look and have their own calming ways, it may be knitting, dancing, surfing, singing, sleeping, driving.  For me, a tropical beach in Fiji seems so so peaceful, or even sailing out in the ocean with the cool breeze.  It seems so amazing right now, (especially when I'm no where near it :)), but what if the weather changes?  What if there is a crazy storm?  It's not as peaceful as before.  It doesn't last :(  It reminds me of the Savior calming the storm.  He brought them out of distress (psalms 107:26-30) Just like in life... we can always look to our Savior to calm our storms.  I love the song, "Where can I turn for Peace".  I've sang it and heard it so many times, but never really "heard, heard" the words... "Where can I turn for Peace?  Where can I run?  Where is the quiet hand to calm my anguish?  Who can understand?  He ONLY one.  He answers privately, Savior and friend. Constant He is and kind, love without end."  So true. I would say that He is one of the BEST friends you can have.  He doesn't ever want us to fear.  He wants us to turn to prayer and turn to Him.  He will give us strength.  Gaining that long lasting peace and comfort in our lives is simple... just turning to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  Always such a constant peace... unlike the storms that come may disrupt our peace.   In John 16:33 Jesus says, "These things I have spoken unto you that in me ye might have peace.  In the world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer.  I have overcome the world".
I know that prayer can bring us so much peace and comfort.  I know that it will get us closer to our Savior.  I know that Joseph Smith really did restore this gospel.  I know that there is a plan for all of us....a perfect plan and that through the Savior's atonement, we are able to live with Him one day.
I love you all so much.  More than you even know.  Be happy and Be safe.
Love always,
Sister Johnson
"I never promised it would be easy, I only promised it would be worth it"

"Talk, doesn't cook rice"

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