Monday, May 6, 2013


How are all of you?  

Mom, go on my fb.  That family I talked about in my last e-mail added me on fb and sent me (YOU) a message. :) They are so funny. oh and did you get the pictures I sent from my camera?
So we realized that being on a mission makes us weird and we are not even funny anymore.  Well, maybe I was just never funny :)  But I said a joke in the MTC and my teacher said... " Uhh... you should stop. Your sense of humor becomes lame when you are on a mission". haha dang!  We all thought it was funny... :/  Then my companion kept saying alllll day on May 4th... "May the fourth be with you". She said it to everyone and they were like really?  haha We come up with weird things to keep ourselves entertained. :) 
This week we had allll these appointments lined up and for some reason this was a canceling week.  We were pretty bummed, but we were like, there has to be a reason!  Maybe it is because we are supposed to meet someone else!
One night this week, we were supposed to go to the Robert's home... the family that I talked about in my last e-mail.  Well, on our way out the door, my companion, Sister Joseph said she didn't feel good about going.  I said if she had a bad feeling then we shouldn't go and she said, she didn't want to go.  Then I became sick to my stomach!  We called the Robert's and canceled and they were devastated and said they had already made dinner and were so bummed.  Sister Joseph said she felt good that we didn't go, but I was super nervous that we just lost trust with them.  We felt awful and ended up going out tracting instead and found a lot of service opportunities.  I still was not sure why weren't able to go, but whatever the reason, we are happy we followed our prompting.  The next day we brought the Robert's cookies (which we probably wouldn't have if we went to their house the night before) and when we showed up, they were with another guy named John.  Turns out, John's records are lost and he is a less active!  So now we are going to teach him as well :) Everything happens for a reason!
We had stake conference this week.  The main message was centered on families and how we need to build ourselves and our families on a sure foundation.  I read a quote in Preach my Gospel that says, "you cannot convert people beyond your own conversion".  That goes for missionary work, but it also goes for families and as parents.  The family is ordained of God and is sooo sooo important!  Satan knows that and so he tries so hard to destroy the family.  If we have a foundation built upon a rock... we will be able to withstand any temptation  (3rd Nephi 14: 24-27).  As adults, missionaries, parents we need to make sure we have the solid foundation.  How can we do this?  Well, for one... we need to CTR.  Choose the Right or Current Temple Recommend.  :) ha  We learned that from Pres Uchtdorf yesterday.  Then number two...  we need to study the word of God daily.  Our testimony will become stronger as we study the words in the scriptures.  Then number three... we need to speak with Heavenly Father daily and multiple times a day.  We will be blessed with peace and spiritual strength.  Other people.. and your kids will see your example.  Robert D. Hales said, "You will be a powerful influence of Christ in their lives".  These steps can then be applied into the home.  The home is the most important place for learning.  It is also the only place that can be compared to a temple!  How cool is that?  The lessons learned in the home will last the longest.  Sometimes it is so hard to have scripture study, family home evening, dinner as a family and family prayer.  But they are so important!  Satan is working his hardest and we need to make sure we have a home built with a sturdy and strong foundation.  It is hard to always do those things.... and sometimes it seems pointless when everyone is fighting and no one wants to do it, but Heavenly Father knows it's not going to ever be perfect.  He knows there is not always enough time in the day, but he will bless our families and homes if we are putting forth the effort.

I remember growing up and not even paying attention to what we were reading, but I know that because we did it, I have a testimony that it does UNIFY our family and it really does make us closer together even if we didn't always see it at the time.
Brigham Young said, "Live so the spirit of religion lives within us". I know that as we become converted ourselves, we will be able to bless the lives of our children, future children, friends, investigators, etc.  I know that it is so important every day because now Satan really is working harder than ever.  He wants our homes and families to fall apart.  I know we can be strong and so much happier if we center Christ in our lives and in our homes.  It will create a holy place and we will not be moved.
I love you family, soooooo much :) Be happy. Be strong. Be good. okay?
Love always,
Sister Johnson

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