Monday, June 3, 2013

Labor for the Happiness of Others

May 28th, 2013

Hey! How is everyone?
Okay where to even start! Guess what? I hit 2 months yesterday! 

Mom- the senior couple that got called here is President Packer's nephew. Do you think we are related to them?  They keep asking how we are cousins with President Packer... but, I don't know what to say. haha

This week was a little different.  We weren't at Kirtland hardly at all.  We had the privilege of being at the Johnson Home this week.  :) We did go to Kirtland for a testimony meeting.  The visitor center sisters, who were leaving, bore their testimonies and pretty much everyone balled.  They all loved their missions.  It was a really good testimony meeting.

Oh and I got wedding invites from Majken and Mia!  So happy for them.... and cute cute notes from Adi and Truman. :)

We also went and handed out family history cards at the parade yesterday in the rain. It was fun.  We saw the Robert's there... They are great.  They tell everyone about us and introduced us to their entire family.

We were also on bikes a ton this week again!  It is seriously my favorite.  The best way to meet people!  We even have a new investigator named Sharon from biking.  She's solid:)  This time, we were prepared and wore pencil skirts and pants underneath too.  :)

We stopped by this one guy on our bikes who was getting out of his car... he was a little shy (probably my age)... he wasn't too interested, so we went on to the next door neighbors and all of a sudden we see him in the window and he starts screaming and howling and making monkey noises... we were cracking up.  It echoed through the whole neighborhood.  It was just weird haha.  We thought it sounded like he was turning into a werewolf like on Twilight.

Then we were driving down the street (in the city) a couple days ago and a HUGE BLACK BEAR was just sitting in the middle of the street.  Sister Joseph screamed and said, "GET MY CAMERA!"  Then I was screaming and she rolled down the window and then I got out of the car to take a picture... and it ran down the hill... probably because we were screaming so loud and so excited, so we missed it!  Another car pulled over and freaked out too.  We took it as a sign and gave them a card with our number. :) ha

I also sang in church this week. I don't think I have ever felt so special before... I think the whole ward came up to me afterwards... and I asked a lady to come to church because I was singing. (good way to get people to come:)) and SHE CAME!  Everyone said it was a miracle that she came because it's been years.  Her name is Debbie Edwards.  She cried... and said she loved it.  She is so great.

In D&C says
22 And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the atestimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he blives!
23 For we asaw him, even on the bright hand of cGod; and we heard the voice bearing record that he is the dOnly Begotten of the Father—
24 That by ahim, and through him, and of him, the bworlds are and were created, and the cinhabitants thereof are begotten dsons and daughters unto God.

What a powerful testimony...  I know that they love all of us so much... they are giving us revelation for our day.  They have given us a prophet to lead and guide us. They haven't left us.  They are helping us return to live with them again.  What a blessing it is to even have the Gospel, I am so grateful and I know that it is what we need in order to endure to the end until He comes again.
I love you family. I miss you a lot. I pray for you. Be happy and be safe.

Love always,

Sister Johnson

Our mission theme song: (to armies of Helaman)
We have been called to serve in the place.;
Where Christ our Savior has shown His face.
We know the words the Lord has proclaimed,
"Kirtland will be built up again."
We are in the Ohio Cleveland.
We have prepared since our youth,
And we are in the Ohio Cleaveland
To bring Ohio His truth- to bring Ohio His truth

"The true key to happiness is a labor for the happiness of others"

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