Monday, June 9, 2014

Being Transferred One Last Time

Another really fun week and last week in Shaker Heights East.  I am really sad.... I am getting transferred.   I have spent 1/3 of my mission here being Sister Training Leader and I will really miss it.  It's almost like a weight is being lifted because I don't have to do training meetings and other training meetings and exchanges and scheduling and all the tasks anymore.  But then again, I really really liked being able to serve in that way.  I will now be ending my mission in Chardon West.  It is the Amish Community and very rural.  So, it will be such a change from Shaker!  We aren't teaching a single white person here and I love it.  
President called me and asked to talk with me alone.  Then he released me as a Sister Training Leader and complimented me.  I was trying not to cry.  Then Elder Sorenson called me... he made it seem like someone was dying.  I was balling.  He told me that he honored, respected and that he has really grown to love me and that he would really miss serving alongside with me.  He kept going on and on.... it made me even more sad to know that I am leaving.  I love Elder Sorenson and Sister Sorenson.  He said, "thanks for being my AP".  I am so ssadd.....
More crazy news... remember how Jeanie Owens tried to set me up with a guy?  Then I found out his sister was going to be in my mission?  Well, she is my new companion, starting Wednesday!  I am killing another Sister!  I sent home Sister Wygant, Frankenberry and now Tiejten and then someone will send me home.... crazy... I said to president, "I am sending another one home!"  He just laughed and said, "Hmmm, Heavenly Father must think your good at pushing them to the very end."  I don't think so.
MORE AWESOME news.  Elder Holland wrote Elder Sorenson and thanked Sister Newren and I for our musical number and complimented us... Elder Sorenson said that he will send us a copy :)  I am so excited to see what it says.. did you realize in the picture that it went, Karl Anderson (Mr. Kirtland), Elder Seldon (area 70), Elder Holland (12) and Elder Hallstrom (pres of 70). That's a lot of Priesthood!!
Haha Sister Newren and I were just talking about how we also ate more this week than in our entire lives... pretty sure I gained 100 pounds.  Sometimes we had 2 dinners a night.  Lots of fries and pizza this week.  I also had my last Zone Training (where I did some training), Mission Leadership council (so spiritual), and my last Kirtland Training meeting (we wrote love notes to each other, it was fun:)) sad :( I had to say bye to every one..  I got a couple pictures.
We have so many people who are about to get baptized.  Susan, Jason, Alexandria, Kayla and Patar.  We taught Patar last night. He is from Indonesia and his wife is a member from Thailand.  They are so dang cute. He really wants to know the truth... he really feels it and when he prayed last night, Uma jumped on him and started kissing him!  She was so happy that he prayed.  We committed them to remind each other about praying every night and pray together.  He has never really prayed, so this is a huge step.
We also took MORE great tours.... I wish I could talk about all of them.  SO great.
Have you ever heard of the Parable of the push-ups?  The seminary teacher had a boy do 10 push-ups so that every one in the room could have a donut? I will tell you :)  We decided to do that this week for part of our discussion.  We asked Elder Vavra to do the push-ups and we turned it into a roll play.  To describe Elder Vavra... he reminds me of Jordan Wheeler, just very sweet.
We walked up to each person in the room and said, "Elder Carr, would you like a cookie?"  Elder Carr said yes and we turned to Elder Vavra and said, "would you do ten push-ups so that Elder Carr can have a cookie?"  We weren't even half way through and Elder Vavra was really struggling.  He had to keep stopping and regaining strength in order to continue with the push-ups.  It really was so touching.  Elder Vavra was struggling so much... we really wanted to help him.  Some people didn't even want a cookie, but he still had to do 10 push-ups.
We talked about Jesus Christ and how he gave us a wonderful gift.  He suffered so much for every single one of us, even the people who didn't want his gift (like the cookie.)  Then we talked about how we can accept His gift by repenting.  I am so grateful for the wonderful gift that we have received.  I am so grateful that we are able to repent, change and become more like our Savior Jesus Christ.
Have a wonderful week!! Love you!
Sister Johnson

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