Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow, snow, snow, snow

Snow, snow, snow, snow. 

It never stops.  You should see the icicles hanging in front of me right now.  They are probably 20 feet long, all the way to the ground. 

This week was a miracle week.   

#1.  We have come to realize that the miracles come when it is inconvenient for us.  It was about -10 degrees and we were freezing cold one night.  We went to see a potential who was not home, but right next to her door was another door...Sister Wygant and I looked at each other and were like, "should we?"  Well, we did and knocked on the door.  Now we are teaching a really cute new family. Kiesha, Cheyla and Dazia.  We loveeeee these people so much.  Cleveland is majority African American.  It's wonderful... such good people.  They want us to come back because of the feelings that they felt.  The mom is Kiesha, and she is a minister.  So far we have agreed on everything with what we have said.   The spirit is great. 

#2  We also have another new investigator.  His name is Litin and he is from India.  He actually just arrived into the United States a few days ago and is going to finish up his residency.  So we have another doc on our hands.  So, story on how we met him.  We walked out of ward counsel and MAGIC.  He was just standing in the lobby.  Turns out, he went to UPS and Brother Gupta (from India as well) saw him and said, "come to church."  So he came to church yesterday.  Now he wants to be baptized.  We were like, "what just happened?"  He even stayed after church and attended a baptism and we are meeting with him later today.  He said that after he was learning about the body in med school he kept thinking to himself, "there has to be a God and a creator."  He is Hindu and so Christianity is quite different for him.  He is really smart and he said he is so hungry to know everything because when he entered into our church building, he felt "at home."   SO COOL.

#3  Then Jason came to church.  We had another amazing lesson with Jason at the Winder's home.  We talked about keeping the Sabbath day Holy.  Then we said, "so how is reading the Book of Mormon going?"  Then he said, "Oh, I finished the whole thing a few days ago."  Our mouths dropped wide open.  He JUST started and already finished!  He has completely opened up and he said he has a new perspective on everything now and he really enjoyed it.  Except he didn't like 2nd Nephi because of the Isaiah stuff, but that is okay :)  It was so great because this little boy named Danny bore his testimony in church last Sunday.  He said he knew the scriptures taught about Jesus and he loved reading the Book of Mormon.  I guess Jason really liked that because he said, "I couldn't let little Danny pass me up."  That is why he finished it so quick.  haha. 

We are REALLY excited about our new investigators.  Kia, Kayla and Laura are also still reading and praying and trying to find an answer to know if this is true.  This girl who just joined the church a couple months ago named, Marissa is so sweet.  She reminds me of Kylie.  She and her boyfriend (who introduced her to the church) broke up this weekend.  I was like, don't worry.  I know how you feel.  So we brought her chocolate and told her we were sorry we couldn't watch a chick-flick with her.  ha   But, she is so sad, we need to make sure she continues to stay strong in the gospel. 

This last week was also mission leadership counsel.  It's always the best meeting ever.  I don't remember if I told you I sang with President Vellinga's wife the last meeting and this time... I got asked to sing with 3 other sisters.  I sang the tenor part an octave higher and the AP played the base on the Cello.  It was so pretty.

Well, it has been a week full of miracles.  Even when it is so cold and cloudy, good things still happen :) 

I KNOW the Lord's hand is in this and always with us.  He wants everyone to hear about this message.  This plan that He has made is only to help us.  As we learn more about it, we find greater happiness.

I know that there is no habit, no addiction, no rebellion, no transgression that is exempted from the Savior's Atonement.  We can always come back...  we will all experience trials and hardships.  We can only get through it with the help of the Savior.  Like President Uchtdorf said, "our burdens may become light if we not only believe in Christ but ALSO in His ability and His power to cleanse and console our lives."
We don't need to morn because of the things that we go through in this life.  It will ALL be made up in the Resurrection, IF we continue faithful.  I know this is real.  I know that the principles that I live by come from the Son of God.  That is why I do the things that I do. 

I.  love.  you.  forever.  Pray for you always and I miss you.........

Sister Johnson

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