Monday, February 17, 2014

I Am Blonde!


How are you?  So remember our new investigator from last week?  Well :(  Sad news..... he moved into the Elder's area.  Yeah, we are pretty devastated.  It's okay, we are all on the same team, but we wanted him on our side... haha.  He was so confused.  He said he will move back just so we can teach him.  He was totally serious too. haha   We were talking to him yesterday and he was teaching us Hindu. "Namaste" means hello and goodbye.   We do it now with putting our hands together and bowing down like a yoga move.   It's so fun :) 

Laura came to a mission president's fireside last night.   It was so great!   Bob bore his testimony and she loved it so much.  President Vellinga is amazing. He met Laura and stared into her soul as well.  She was really taken back and kinda overwhelmed... maybe it wasn't the best, but we didn't think there would be another opportunity for her to meet him.

Jason watched the Restoration movie!  He says he knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet and unsure about the Book of Mormon.  He went out of town this weekend to have a Thanksgiving with his family.  We told him he could only come back with samples from his Thanksgiving.  We hope he does.  It'd be funny.  He makes fun of us all the time now. 

So... Elder and Sister Packer, (my favorites) said, Sister Johnson, will we get sent home if we show you Alex Boye's new video?  Sister Wygant told them yes... I said.... WAIT!  Who made the video?  He said "go Big Films".   WAY TO GO UNCLE BRYCE!  Mom said it is going viral.  Wish I could see it.  Tell Uncle Bryce that he is awesome :)

I had a REALLY embarrassing moment this week.  So, we received a church headquarter referral.  We decided to go stop by.  We knocked on the door and a man answered.  I was thinking in my head I should just ask him if he was the person who referred us from  So, I say.  "Are you Gaey?" He has a really puzzled look and says, "What???"  Without realizing again what I was saying... I said "Are you Gaey" - even louder this time.  He says, "No!" And was closing the door.  Then it hit me.  I tried to explain that the persons name was Gaey and by that time the door was almost shut.  One soul lost to my blondness.  At least we know... Gaey does not live in that house.  (I told Kelsi, the "E" and the "R" are right next to each other on the keyboard.  His name is probably Gary.  she said "woahhhhh! we are totally going to try GARY!!!!!!! and go back!! haha")

Another funny moment!  So we went out to eat to this sub sandwhich place one evening.   We were talking to the people and this guy comes up to me and says, "oh you forgot your card."  It was a punch card for the place.  He said, "I put a few more stamps on it."   I told him he was so nice and I was so thankful. Well, that happened a few weeks ago and this morning... I was cleaning out my wallet and it totally had a note on it and his name and number!  haha I was dying during studies.  We are going to call him to share the gospel.  That guy did not know what he was getting himself in to.  ;) 

I was at the mission presidents fireside last night and Elder Sorenson kept pointing at me to come to him.  I kept shaking my head... I really wanted Laura to meet President and we were waiting to talk to him.  Finally I just went over to him and he took my hand and dropped something in it.  He said, "Don't ask questions, this person is anonymous, just take it."  It was money!  I have no idea who gave me money last night.   I didn't know anyone!   I feel so blessed.

Sister Wygant just received her flight information.  Weird.... You asked about boot camp and it is going great.  Every sister...every morning :)  We love it!   I love being in charge of it.   We also have been calling some amazing people at sites.  I wish I could tell you everyone.  There was this guy Robert who called in randomly.   He had questions.   Well, now he wants to be baptized ASAP and he says he knows that he needs to serve a MISSION!   He hasn't even met with the missionaries and he told us last time that he read about the Law of Chastity and he told his girlfriend he wanted to live it and she is really mad at him, but he says he feels so free!   He is SO prepared and on the most amazing people I have ever talked to.   We are like, where did this 18 year old Jewish kid come from???

I have learned so much this last week.   I just wanted to share some of my thoughts.

How would you like to see Heaven?   Streets paved of Gold and the blazing throne of God?   What if we could pull the curtain/veil open for 5 minutes and see what mansions are in store for us if we continue to be faithful?   Joseph Smith saw it.   He saw it for hours while he was here in Hiram.

Would you rather see this or see the Laker's play?   See the United States win the Olympic Gold Metal?   The last two might be good but wouldn't you rather work a little bit more to see something that you can see for eternity? 

Although we live on a BEAUTIFUL earth, We don't live on a Celestial earth, BUT we need to be living Celestial lives.

Speaking of Olympians, everyone keeps talking about them here.   I was thinking about how I can compare to the Olympians to our lives here on earth. 

What is the goal for the Olympians?  The gold :)  What is our goal?  Celestial Kingdom. 
What team do we have to help us?  Our families.
Who are our coaches?  God, Jesus Christ, mom, dad.   You can't show up to the game or even without the coach.   Neither can we.
There are rules in the Olympics.   There are rules in life, called Commandments.
Can the Olympians show up without training, perfecting and progressing?   Absolutely not.  Would the Olympian feel uncomfortable showing up and now having done their best?  Yep.   We will feel so uncomfortable too.   We wouldn't want to be near God or be in the Celestial world.   We will probably be disappointed in ourselves, but we don't need to be.

Go to the Celestial World.   Win the Gold.   Go to Heaven.   We are SOOOOO blessed that we all know how.

I love this gospel!

I love you mommy and daddy and Kory, Kolton, Kaden, Kierra and Kobe. :)

Sister Johnson

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