Monday, January 20, 2014

Constantly Turn To the Lord

Hey :)

How are you doing?

I am not even sure what happened this week.  It was all a blurr! 

We had a training meeting this last week.  We taught the sisters how to make the most use of our time and how to be most productive. This next week will be in the School of the Prophets.  It is the anniversary.... we have planned it, it will be so powerful and amazing.

Last night, we had a Fireside at Historic Kirtland.  President Vellinga (mission president) came and President Stacey, Elder and Sister Sorenson, etc.  I conducted.  I love conducting :)  Bishop Hatfield from my Hiram ward came! Along with Jimmy, Brother Jeffrey, the Sender's, Jon Carlo Hale, etc.  It was a Hiram ward event.  I loved seeing everyone.  Brother Hale is sooooo sweet.  He was telling everyone how I teach.  He said, "have you seen her teach?"   And went on talking to everyone about it.  Whatever, ha they are so nice.  They all said they missed me.  I love them and miss them too.

We have been seeing our less-actives and have been practicing teaching on a lot of members.  They get so excited to help!  The ward is being wonderful in trying to work with the missionaries.  I am still just trying to get to know the ward.  There are a lot of members and a ton of kids plus in school/ residency, so they are all so busy.

We watched the Joseph Smith movie with Laura last night.  She is SO close to having a small testimony, knowing it's true.... she is the one who met with the missionaries before, then her mom died and she was having such a hard time that she referred herself on for us to come over.  She is a sweet lady.  Jason and Kia, are doing great as well. 

Bob however, is getting baptized on Saturday :)  He is one of the most honest, sincere and charitable people I have ever met.  He is always wanting to help.  He will be a solid member of the church and the ward is helping so much with fellow-shipping and helping him with everything that he needs to do.

This last week was really hard, probably harder than any other time on the mission.  I am doing everything I can to constantly turn to the Lord.  I love Him.  I am so blessed to be able to know who God is.  During the Apostasy, they didn't know who God was.  We are seriously so blessed to know who He is.  He has a glorified body,  He is a person, He has a massive capacity to love.  I think about my parents and they only have five kids.  They love us all, easily.  If one of us kids left the gospel, my parents would pray every second for their return NO matter what they have done.  That is the same with us to Heavenly Father.  No matter what we have done, we can turn back to Him.  It is such an amazing knowledge to know that we are created in His likeness and image.  Which means, we are like Him in personality and we resemble Him. 

This mom wanted to go on a jog and asked her older 11 year old son to watch the younger 7 year old son.  She took a few minutes to pack up her things when her younger son was begging to go to the gym with her.  He wanted to go so bad.  So, she took him without realizing she forgot to tell the 11 year old son.  As time went by, the 11 year old realized he hadn't seen his younger brother.  He searched everywhere looking for him, in closets, the backyard, cupboards, everywhere.  He could not find his little brother.  He was panicking and didn't know what to do.  When finally he heard the garage come up.  He ran outside and said, "mom, I can't find him!" she said, "find who?"  When all of a sudden his little brother walks out of the van.  The 11 year old burst into tears, falls onto the ground and grabs his little brother, holding him as tight as he could. 

I can picture that perfectly.  I feel like that is what it is going to be like when we see our Father in Heaven again.  He is going to hold onto us so tight, no matter what mistakes we have made, He will be happy we eventually made it back to Him.  We can ONLY reach Him through the Savior Jesus Christ. 

I love my Heavenly Father.  I can't always imagine how he loves me more than my earthly parents do, but He does.  There is no doubt.

I love you.

Sister Johnson

"As we emulate His perfect example
Our hands can become His hands
Our eyes, His eyes
Our heart, His heart"


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