Monday, January 27, 2014

Bob Was Baptized

Holy smokes-

I don't know where to start.  This week was a good week... BOB was BAPTIZED!  He is seriously going to be a leader one day...  he needs a wife though.  Annndddd he thinks Nana is cute ;)  The night of his baptism, it was snowing soooo much!  The roads were terrible and a lot of people were texting us, saying that they couldn't make it because of the winds and weather.  We were so nervous that no one was going to show. :(  We went early to fill the font and we saw a car drive up, we thought it was the other sisters, but it was Bob.  He showed up 2 hours early. ha ha.  He was so pumped.   When the baptism was about to start, hardly anyone was there, but a miracle happened.  Just a few minutes before it started, SO MANY people came that we didn't even know were coming.  We didn't even have enough seats, people were standing.  It was a great night and Bob bore his testimony at the end and said some nice things to us.  He also wrote me the nicest thank you note I've ever received.  He is such a good man.  He had 16 people in his circle when he was confirmed!  Everyone loves him. 

Oh, we also went and heart-attacked Bob's house the day before his baptism.  He told the whole world and even cried.  He loved it so much.  We just cut out hearts and I drew Goofy and funny notes.  He text us later and said "Did you sweet loving angels put hearts on my door?  I am touched...very touched".  It made us feel good. :)  We just love him.

We also went to Kia 3 times this week.  Once was to just say hi last night.  She was watching the Grammy's.  That was very, very distracting.  Good thing we were just there for a few minutes.  But we also brought her frozen yogurt this week and had another lesson.  She is great and she really wants to know if this is true.  The lessons we had with her were perfect.  The spirit was so strong. We love our little sis, Kia.

Jason is still doing great and also Laura.  Laura fed us last night.  She cried and cried.  She knows this is right and that her mom is proud of her.  She also was nervous because we told her missionaries don't stay here forever.  She does not want any new missionaries .  She was putting her foot down. haha! 

We had such an amazing Sunday yesterday.  The stake presidency came and we received so much insight.  The spirit was so strong in every meeting.  President Haymond got up and told us that this area around Kirtland is about to see a ton of blessings and a ton of challenges.  He said that he knows this because of when Elder Ballard was here.  Then he told us a story about Karl Anderson in our ward.  Karl's daughter just married President Eyrings daughter.  Karl said that President Eyring gave this young couple some advice.  Our Stake President said, "keep in mind that this is a prophet, seer and revelator who gave this advice."

President Eyring said, "You need to have the spirit in your lives.
1. Make sure you have childlike faith in Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the prophet
2. Establish a 2 way communication with Heavenly Father
3. Elliminate contention in you lives
4. Emmerse yourselves in the scriptures."

In the scriptures we have heard that we need to be converted AND become as a little child.  Not one or the other. 

If we do these things, I know that it will bless us, help us get through challenges and give us more peace and happiness.  It will especially give us the guidance of the Holy Ghost in our lives.  We NEED to develop the talent of listening to the spirit.  It is a talent just like any other talent.  We need to practice, take the time to be quiet, pray and act when the Holy Ghost does give us a prompting. 

Ask yourself some of these questions

How childlike is my faith?
Am I humble and willing to submit to His will?
Am I happy with the direction of my life?
Am I doing the simple things of life that have been asked of me?
Am I being honest?
Am I following the guidance of the prophets?
Am I kind to those around me?
Do I attend the temple as frequently as I can?
Do I weekly partake of the sacrament?

I know these are important... if we do these things and more, the Holy Ghost will be in our life more.  The stake president said, "nothing more important as a mother, than to teach your children HOW to listen and recognize the spirit".  We need to be living worthily in order to have the Holy Ghost.

It truly is such a blessing to have the Holy Ghost.  I know this gospel is true! 

I love you.

Sister Johnson

"godly sorrow worketh repentance to Salvation... but the sorrow of the world worketh death"

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