Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I'm Being Transferred and a New Calling

Hey family,
How is my family?  I feel like I haven't talked to anyone in forever.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOLTON!!!!!!  Doing anything fun today?  

We had a great week, especially considering we had three days out of our area.   We got a lot done and saw the most people I have ever seen since being out on my mission.   Which was very exciting.
Guess what is tomorrow?   Well, transfers.   I am singing... I was nervous because I guess the flute didn't go along well enough with the arrangement I had practiced, so we had to learn a new song. I grabbed another sister and making her sing with me.  We are going to harmonize... It is a Silent Night lullaby.  It is pretty.  

I also found out I am leaving Hiram for sure :(  I am leaving my trainee Sister Coontz and all our people :( and our awesome district. so sad....  We had our last district lunch yesterday.  Someone paid for all of us!  We have no idea who did it.  Such a nice person, whoever that was.
President Vellinga called us.  We didn't see that he called us until a lot later, but normally he doesn't call unless he has specific business to take care of.   We were in a snow storm and we saw he was calling again, so we pulled over and he said, "can I please talk to Sister Johnson alone?"   I was super nervous... he said, "Sister Johnson, I have an important question for you.   "Then he asked me to be a Sister Training Leader.  A Sister Training Leader is like a Zone Leader.   So, every week I will be going on exchanges with the sisters and then a normal sister training leader does a little workshop once every other month, but then there is a "Kirtland Sister Training leader".   Where that Sister Training Leader is in charge of Kirtland basically.   The rules, the example, the car schedules, site schedules, help and EVERYTHING.   They also teach the senior couple missionaries and all the sisters every Friday morning.   I have always said, "I feel bad for those sisters, I would never want to be the Kirtland Sister Training Leader."  They are kinda like the sister AP's. haha.   Well, I just found out I am out-zoned and in-stake, which means.......... 99.9% I am the Kirtland Sister Training Leader.... Sister Nelson, (who is beyond perfect and going to be translated one day) is the Sister Training Leader right now, but she is going home... I am so so nervous.
I might have already told this story before when Bishop Whitney was called to be the second bishop of this dispensation, he said, "Brother Joseph, I just don't see a bishop in myself".  Joseph said, "well, I am not the one who has asked you, go and ask the Lord."  So as Newel K. Whitney was praying, he received the answer that Heavenly Father's strength would be in him and not to worry.
I was up for hours.   There are so many wonderful sisters who are so qualified!   I really had in my head that I never wanted to do that. :)  But I know that Heavenly Father knows what is best and that He truly will help us with anything.   I know that I need to have a better attitude and learn something from this. ha ha

But I truly am humbled....
There was a lady who was talking a while ago about how she loves to do embroidery.  She was making a beautiful picture and someone was looking up at the back side while she was embroidering and they didn't think it was that pretty.  They thought it was a picture of a garden which, she was actually embroidering a river, with flowers, a sun and it was beautiful.  We talked about how this is the same with Heavenly Father.   He can see the bigger picture from where He is sitting.   From down here, we don't know exactly what He is trying to make of us.  But when we listen to the spirit and follow what He wants us to do, He can help us reach our full potential.
When the judgment day comes, we aren't going to be judged on what we have done in our lives, but we are going to be judged on what we have become!  We need to try our hardest to always be faithful and improving each and every day.  When we are moving forward and feel the spirit in our lives, we know that He is happy with the choices and decisions that we are making in our lives.
This week, I spoke in church, we also saw Sister Kindall.   She is a less-active.   She has completely changed since I have been here.   It is seriously amazing.  We went to an appointment with her and her two little girls and they weren't there.   We were about to leave when one of her daughters said, "come here!"  So we ran over to a neighbors home.  Well, Sister Kindall, asked her friend if we could teach her, and we taught her right on the spot.   What an amazing member missionary!   We love her and she even came teaching with us to Bob this week :)
Bob is doing well!   He is so funny, he wants me to add him on fb really bad.   I am going to go and say good-bye to the Stamm's tonight, Michael, McIntyres, we said bye to Al and Loretta last night, Kathy (she cried), Giang, Gerry, Hellen, Florence and Sister Busath.
Giang is so funny.   He always calls and says, "Sista Johnsun.   It's zang.  Call Zang, ok sista Johnson. bye."   We went and saw him and he told me he loved me, he asked if I was married and I told him Sister Coontz was married.   haha.   And then he said, "I need woman."   It was kinda weird.... he wants to paint my nails and bought me nail polish.   He is Vietnamese.

Hellen and Flourence ask everytime where my man is and ask where my ring is and that the next time I see them, I better have a wedding ring.   People don't understand that missionaries don't get married. haha
Oh and Sister Coontz is going to be in a trio in Hiram!!   2 sisters are replacing me!   She is nervous about that as well.  She is taking over the area.  She is going to be so great.  Her mom just e-mailed her and said she is sad, us girls are being split up.   Awww man.
Anyways, we have a lot of packing and things to do today.  I love you all, I hope you all have a wonderful week.   Be safe, happy and be good :)
I get to see you in 7 1/2 days!   YAY!
Love always,
Sister Kelsi Denae Johnson

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