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Dear Family and Friends -

This week from Kelsi was a little extra special.  Last Saturday I received an email from a man that took a tour from her and felt inclined to write us and send a picture of her.  He told how much he was touched by her and that we must be so proud.  The picture of Kelsi and her companion that he took is attached.

We also received short video clips from her camera giving us a tour of the John Johnson home.  I will send some of those separately.

Each week I contemplate a topic of a letter to send Kelsi and Kory.  This week came the word "Remember" came constantly to my mind.  I thought of ways for us to remember who we are, remember why we are here, remember to keep our covenants with the Lord, remember the Savior, remember to be obedient, etc.  I was at the doctor this morning when her email came and she talked about Remembering Who We Are.  I teared up as I read her letter.  A Tender Mercy From the Lord, that he is in charge of the details of our Life.  He knows us, he knows our struggles and he knows our divine potential.   We just need to follow him. 

Love you all and thanks for all your support and prayers. 



Hello hello!

Oh man, looks like you all had so much fun or are having fun in AZ.  Tell Matthew congrats for me!  Also, give Jordo a big hug from me too!  That is awesome he is home.  Did you get my videos from my camera???

So guess what?????? I am.....  TRAINING!  Me and sister Spong wont be companions anymore :/  And I am not sure if I will still be in Hiram.  I am freaking out and going to write president and tell him I have to stay here.  And poor little trainee.  I still don't know what I am doing.  I just make it up as I go, but it will be fun :)  We have a training meeting on Friday, WHICH is the last day we get to EVER serve at the Johnson Home!!!  I am so sad because now, most of the day I will be at the training meeting :( I am blessed that I was able to serve there... love that home.  I tell everyone I live there... and when I answer the phones I say, "Hello this is Sister Johnson from the Johnson home". Everyone laughs :)  I will miss telling everyone that the holes in the floor are original to the Johnson's (called air-conditioning) :) haha my companion says I am mean because I tease and everyone believes me. 

We got another church, referral.  That wasn't very good... the guy wasn't a very safe person.  The spirit was screaming at us to get out of there.  We told President Vellinga what he said to us and President wants documents and reported it to the police.  We knew angels were surrounding us while we were there. 

We met with Lisa and Jim.  Ah man I love them :)  They forgot about our appointment and we had a member with us and the thought came in my head that I should ask her if she had just a couple minutes for a blessing.  Jim and Lisa received blessings.  Lisa said that while she received the blessing, it was as if all of her problems and concerns went away and she said she saw a girl in a pure white dress.  I thought that was a very interesting comment.  Then a couple days later we watched the Restoration with them and then last night we talked more about prophets.  They are moving right along.  Lisa said we can help her plan for their wedding!  We are stoked!  Wedding and a baptism!  I really hope I don't leave.  We have 5 investigators we are working with and a couple former investigators we are about to start meeting with and less-actives and when we first got here there wasn't really anyone.  So, it is growing and I just don't want to leave, I love the people and the ward too much. 

Hmmm what else.... Oh the Pay's. I saw them :)  All of the senior couples who met them talked to me about how much they liked the Pay's.  I guess Brother Pay sent them a PDF about the Morley Farm and they were all freaking out and telling me about it and saying, "it was from the guy in your home ward!  He was so great!"

There is a recent convert named, Brother Jefferey.  He called us multiple times saying, I have something for Sister Johnson.  You HAVE to come over!  So we finally went over... he really wanted to show me all of his tools and then he said the Holy Spirit spoke to him and told him he needed to buy me a leather wallet.  He told me I HAD to write home and tell my family about it.  He doesn't have any money so he traded things from in his home to buy me this real leather wallet.  He is a sweetheart.

We are also having a member of the Seventy coming to our mission.  Our mission President asked us to read all of his talks from conference, Elder Bowen.  We heard they were good.  You should read them too!  We ALSO have ELDER BALLARD coming next month to our stake conference.  I will cry if I am not in this ward or stake.  Lisa and Jim marked it on their calenders, they are so excited to meet an apostle. :)

We were listening to a talk this week... it talked about remembering who we are and how it is sometimes hard to always remember who we are.  In Alma 37:35, Alma is telling his son to remember who he is. Just like when we leave the house to go on a date or hang with friends, our parents say, "Remember who you are and what you stand for!"  And then the kids are usually like, mom, dad, I am your son, duh.  But it really is so much more than that.  We are children of a LOVING Heavenly Father.  In the Lion King, Simba actually forgets who he is and he runs into the monkey, Rafiki,  and he says, "you knew my father?" and Rafiki says, "Correction, I know your faduh".  Then he takes him to look in the water to look at his reflection and showed him that his father lives within Him.  Simba forgot that he has such a great father and that he has the opportunity to live as his father lived and serve as his father served and lead as his father leads.  That is the same with all of us.  We have those same opportunities to live, serve, lead and love just like our father.  We have immense potential and are here on earth to learn and to grow, to gain experience, to use to atonement all to become like our Heavenly Father.  We need to remember our Savior and the sacrifices he made.  If we remember Him, He promises to remember us.  When we are constantly trying to always become what we know we can and remember who we are, we will find ourselves and we will become what our Father in Heaven knows we can become.  The prophets have been talking about our generation for 6000 years.  We are the generation that MUST be prepared to meet God.  Understand how wonderful you are.  Remember who you are.  I know He always remembers us.

I love you so much. Until next time... I'll probably be with my new companion from the MTC.  So fun!

Love always,

Sister Johnson

"Those who keep a book of remembrance are most likely to keep the Lord in remembrance in their daily lives. Journals are a way of counting our blessings and of leaving an inventory of these blessings for our posterity"

Sister Johnson with her companion, Sister Spong.  Picture taken by a visitor and emailed to Mom.

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